Airdate: The Americans

2013-05-14_1247Critically-acclaimed US spy series The Americans is about to get underway on TEN.

This stars Keri Russell (Felicity) and Matthew Rhys (Brothers and Sisters) as two Soviet KGB officers posing as an American married couple in Washington D.C., who must kidnap a high-ranking defector and return him to Russia.

This premiered in the US in January to much success and has received a second season renewal.

This will air this at 8:30pm Mondays, which hasn’t been a drama slot for a while on TEN, from May 27.


  1. hope it gets prime time , enjoyed all 13 episodes. im sure everyone can cook, dance and sing, renovate and lose weight like an expert now after years of viewing they can enjoy a real and unique show for a change. Now i am wondering who will pick up my new favorite show “Vikings” ?

  2. I herd when American Idol finishes this week Hawaii 5-O will start in its time slot. Is that true David and if not what will be on in American Idols time slot??

  3. Thanks for that @glennc, I noticed the MotoGP was on after Hawaii Five-O this week and assumed it was being shown on TEN like the F1, now I look I notice it is the replays. And yes there are 3 left from the US to play, we were up to date within 6 days of it’s US Airing (which is now blown out to 13 days behind) and that is what is left to air over there.

  4. This looks good from the promo’s I will be watching as I am a Kerri Russell fan ever since Felicity and now with 80’s music even better. While it is up against Revenge, I think Revenge has 6 eps left so good timing for me.

    I am glad Ten have stuck with Sherlock and The Good Wife and not moved them both shows deserve to rate better as it is great viewing, hoping Ten does the same with The Americans.

  5. Fantastic show, loved it. Can’t see TEN audience getting it. Or, frankly, being able to spell it. Hope I’m wrong, though. It’s great stuff.

  6. @Cam Reed / Bilko

    If there’s 3 new eps of Hawaii Five-0 left they should be played Sunday 19/05, 02/06, 16/06.
    The MotoGP has been on One so far all season, even when the races start at 10pm. I’m assuming this will continue BUT who knows!!

  7. @Bilko Hawaii Five-O has been moved to Sunday Night at 10:30, it wasn’t on last week due to the Spanish Grand Prix, however it is back again this week (by my PVR guide). Counting this weeks episode there are only 3 episodes left in this season, so depending on the time the MotoGP and F1 GP starts, it will be over soon (I’d keep an eye on an online TV Guide).

  8. ive seen the whole season, really good, unique and interesting show. Much better than the constant singing, dancing and cooking rubbish on TV night after night, year after year. Give it a watch, starts well with a lot of 80’s music too !

  9. Everyone thought Homeland would flop on Ten before it premiered and it ended up being one of their biggest hits in 2012 (at least in the first season).

    This one could really go either way

  10. carolemorrissey

    Yeah, lets hope it gets a decent go for a change from 10. Seen the promos and read bits about it from US sites, looks like a great show.

  11. hannigans_heroes

    I think Ten’s doing a great job promoting the show; it’s got a very ‘Homeland’ esk vibe to it, so they may have a good hit on their hands if they handle it well.

    Personally, I’m still surprised that Elementary is doing as well as it is; I predicted it’d be on for a month, then tank out. Good on it.

  12. Maev....Sydney

    Looking forward to this since I saw the trailer…and the timeslot works fine for me….
    As someone else said….hope it stays put.

  13. It’s a good show and Keri Russell gives a much stronger performance than I expected but as per Andy G I don’t think it will strike a chord with Tens viewer.

  14. Excellent, I’ve been looking forward to this, especially after it was renewed for a second season. Maybe it will stay on the same night at the same time?? (Pigs flying anyone??)

  15. Love this show.Strong freshman season. Worried that its too slow for Ten though. More Mad Men than Homeland (after the pilot). No doubt 11 will show it @ 10.30 Friday nights in 4 weeks time. as it doesnt really cater to the gen y ADD generation tem target audience.

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