Airdate: The Audience

2audcABC2 is about to screen The Audience, the UK Reality series that TEN was going to adapt into a local version with Granada Australia.

But in October TEN confirmed it wasn’t proceeding with the show. Now we’ll get to see what the fuss was about.

Would you trust a group of strangers to help you make the most important decision of your life? Could you expose your world to their scrutiny and judgement? Can you face the truth to change your future? For one desperate person facing a dilemma, this is their last resort.

Privacy becomes a thing of the past for the participants of The Audience, as every decision, conversation and relationship is open to the scrutiny of the crowd. They may start out as strangers, but The Audience must have access to every aspect of the main character’s life to help with their problem. Should they leave their fiancĂ© for a dream job abroad? Should they get back together with their ex? Should they accept redundancy, or stay and fight? They’ve asked for help, but when The Audience gives honest opinions and brutal life-changing advice, will they be willing to hear it?

This opening episode sees 47-year-old farmer, Ian Wainwright, decide whether to continue running the family dairy farm for his ageing uncles, or walk away and start a new life

8:30pm Monday, 27 May ABC2.

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