Arrow on time, on target.

Ratings: The premiere of Arrow started on time and pulled good numbers for Nine after schedule confusion.

2013-05-02_1014Nine’s decision not to an air an episode of The Voice it didn’t have has paid off with The Big Bang Theory and Arrow winning their timeslots and starting on time.

Seven had factuals scheduled against what it thought was Nine’s sing-off and may have programmed stronger if it knew what would actually play out. Whilst this kind of result could encourage more cheeky results, the real test will be in the consolidated pudding in about a  week’s time.

Also of interest last night, improved numbers for both The Project and World News Australia, but not so good for Mr & Mrs Murder, Tractor Monkeys or Elegant Gentleman.

Nine won the night.

Nine network share was 31.3% then Seven 29.6%, ABC 16.9%, TEN 16.5% and SBS 5.7%.

The Big Bang Theory (1.37m / 1.16m / 955,000) topped the night for Nine followed by Nine News (1.33m), Arrow (1.32m), ACA (1.03m), Hot Seat (700,000), The Following (563,000) and What’s Your Emergency? (182,000).

Seven News (1.28m) was Seven’s best performer then Today Tonight (1.11m), The Force (1.03m), Home and Away (948,000), Highway Patrol (919,000), Criminal Minds (735,000 / 675,000), Deal or No Deal (537,000). Hannibal was 203,000.

ABC News (944,000) topped ABC1 followed by 7:30 (746,000), Mad as Hell (697,000), Qi (673,000), Tractor Monkeys (419,000), Grand Designs Revisited (349,000), The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting (300,000) and The Thick of It (184,000).

On TEN it was TEN News (720,000), The Project (610,000), Modern Family (537,000 / 532,000), Mr and Mrs Murder (469,000). The Simpsons was 382,000 and The Good Wife 341,000.

Wildest India was 273,000 for SBS ONE then World’s Most Dangerous Roads (213,000), World News Australia (201,000) and Borgen (150,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 319,000. ABC2’s Head First premiered with 145,000.

Sunrise: 372,000
Today: 345,000
ABC News Breakfast: 56,000 / 34,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 1 May 2013

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  1. I watched Arrow primarily because it’s Supernatural’s lead in in America, and i wanted to see what it was like. And I liked it a lot. 🙂 I liked the brooding hero, and the action, and that it is grittier than Smallville ( that is way too polished for me). I hope with all these ‘secrets’ that it doesn’t get too complicated, because then i’m just be like ‘Wait. What’s happening. Who said/ did what now.’

    But that seemingly endless advertising campaign that nine did was murder. I was just like hurry up already!!! I also really wanted to see The Following which had an equally murderous campaign, but i was just like stuff that. I only barely tolerated this because like i said before it was Supernatural’s lead in.

  2. Arrow is a show that gets better and better as it goes along. Who cares if it’s a version of Batman. The show is really solid. That and Vikings are the two best new shows of the current US TV season.

  3. Ten’s promo department should be stood down! Promo’s for their shows l8ly have sucked major and we hardly ever see a broad range of shows advertised but instead are shows the same promo’s over and over! Where are the new svu promo’s? I never see them

  4. Disappointing after all the hype, wont watch it again, like so many American shows to hit our shores that don’t seem to attract Australian audiences, lets get more Aussie shows that we can appreciate.

  5. @PJs Ronin it’s interesting u see the similarity of Green Arrow to Batman. I remember reading once that Green Arrow featured in the Smallville series because of copyright issues over featuring Batman.

  6. The Simpsons at 6pm is still doing pretty awful numbers.

    A quick reshuffle would do wonders for their early evening lineup…

    4:30pm – The Simpsons
    5pm – Bold and the Beautiful
    5:30pm – Ten News
    6:30pm – The Project

    Long term though they should be going for a half hour 6pm bulletin to try and tackle 7 and 9.

  7. I just want to chip in on The Project, everyday it is nearly always in the top 3 performing ch10 shows, which does highlight the dire situation at ch10. However in a daily wrap it is virtually assured of a daily mention with the occasional bit of commentary regarding an increase/decrease..

    …so @ Darcey09…what are you whinging about?

  8. @Andy G: Hawkeye is the Marvel archer (started in 1964) and Green Arrow is the DC one, Green Arrow is the one Arrow is based off and first appeared in 1941, 2 years after Batman and has appeared alongside Batman in many incarnations of both stories (whether in written form or animated form).

  9. David, Everytime I mention the Project’s low ratings you accuse me of hating the show. I simply assumed that as you mentioned the Project’s better ratings, that you must love the show.

    1. Not every time. Pretty sure I mentioned it once, as I’ve done with other readers over multiple comments. Yes I mentioned The Project’s ratings here along with World News Australia as spiking up in the same timeslot. These analysis posts are designed to identify peaks, troughs and trends as I have for years.

  10. I wasn’t going to watch Arrow but my wife had heard it was “like Revenge for blokes” so we gave it a go. There were hints of Revenge like plots (eg devious mother) but unlike Revenge where the acts of revenge are varied, I can only see this bloke shooting heaps of arrows and kicking the tripe out of the baddies, which can get a little tiresome.

  11. Perhaps in the end having The Big Bang Theory on instead of The Voice helped Arrow, given TBBT had good ratings with being late advertised in to that timeslot and all.

    Can see how it being based on the DC comic Green Arrow, how that could appeal to people who watch TBBT, as they appeal to Comic Book readers (or else it wouldn’t be a feature in the show, with the store, them dressing up, the Comic-cCns and etc., they mention).

    Of course next week Nine will likely change it and put The Voice on and Arrow won’t get that same flow on effect.

  12. arrow was a good show and got great numbers but i see it falling and staying around the 700’000 range… why was hannibal put on at 10:30 instead of 9:30 so stupid just for double eps of criminal minds.

  13. I was looking forward to Arrow, but after the first 30 minutes I had that deja vu feeling creeping up my spine. Arrow appears to be a Batman spin… filthy rich handsome dude, bunch of baddies to be eliminated, technical wizardry, a faithful man/person-servant… just waiting for the testosterone designed car/boat/moped and it will be complete.

    Will give it one more try.

  14. In Sydney Nine updated the TV guides to 8:30pm. But the EPG said 8:36pm. I don’t know what time it really started because I was having problems getting TV reception and my DVR locked up.

    Channel 9 appear to have learned from their mistake with The Following and haven’t scheduled repeats in advance, but there could be one slipped in on Friday night or Sunday night.

    It is available on Nine’s catch up but while they have improved it alot it is under resourced and have always had trouble watching stuff on it so it could take a while to actually get to see it. Nine want to force people to watch episodes live.

  15. Every bit of advertising I saw in the preceding week up to the night before said it was scheduled for 8:40pm. You simply should not have to constantly re-check start times.

    And it wasn’t on Catch Up when I checked at 10:20am. It is now.

    These days a PVR is a required item for anyone wanting to follow a series. But now it seems I need to allow extra time at the start as well as at the end.

  16. I have just checked ninemsn catch up tv website. I have 28 days to watch episode 1. I want to give arrow a chance but I have been burned too many times but channel nines poor treatment of shows. I’m going to wait and see how the ratings go.

  17. I’m releived to hear the good numbers for Arrow. Although I certainly don’t approve of nines tactics.
    I can’t remember the last time I had favorite shows on Wednesday night, but with The Big Bang Theory and Arrow I was happy as a pig in mud.

  18. It started at 8:30, as advertised (at least on WIN). I switched over after Mad as Hell and caught the opening scene. I switched to TEN at the end and caught the last few secs. of M&MM then The Good Wife. Missed nothing.
    Oh, if only every night could be like that. Just dreaming of the past.

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