Cameras roll on Power Games

Nine begins filming Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story, and announces more cast.

Power GamesProduction began this week in Sydney on Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story, the follow up to Howzat, and here’s the first pic released.

Lachy Hulme plays Sir Frank Packer and Patrick Brammall will be a young Rupert Murdoch.

Other cast members include Alexander England as Clyde Packer, Maeve Dermody as Murdoch’s second wife Anna Torv, Heather Mitchell as Lady Gretel Packer, Anne Looby as Florence Packer and Hamish Michael as Bruce Gyngell.

It’s going to require a bit of a brain rewiring for viewers given Lachy Hulme played Kerry Packer in Howzat, but thankfully he is a chameleon actor. Similarly, Alexander England, who played Tony Greig, now plays Kerry’s brother Clyde.

Australia’s most powerful man, Sir Frank Packer, invited “boy publisher” Rupert Murdoch to a tennis party in 1960. It was an encounter that would forever change their lives, the future of their country and the face of the world’s media.

Through 15 years of political intrigue, raw corporate power and high-rolling luxury, these fierce rivals used every means at their disposal to build their empires – and ultimately came to respect and admire each other as titans on the world media stage.

Power Games is produced by Southern Star Productions, John Edwards and Jodi Matterson, and written by Samantha Winston and David Caesar.

It will air later this year on Nine.


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  1. Jobs for the boys. Of all the actors in Australia, they couldn’t find anybody else to play the Packer brothers, so they recast the ones they had but in different roles. Nice work if you can get it.

  2. Looking forward to it. I never thought Lachy could pull off Kerry Packer but he did. No doubt he will be a good Frank Packer as well. I’d still like to see a story on Kerrys years at Channel 9 in general.

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