Candice Glover wins American Idol

2013-05-18_0132Candice Glover defeated Kree Harrison to win the 12th season of American Idol.

The finale included performances by Adam Lambert and UK singer Jesse J. Psy made a cameo to perform his latest single, “Gentleman,” and Aretha Franklin appeared via satellite. Ex-judge Jennifer Lopez returned with Pitbull.

Keith Urban jumped onstage to accompany Kree on his country hit “Where The Blacktop Ends.”

Outgoing judge Randy Jackson, who departs Idol after 11 years on the panel, was given a tribute montage of some of his most memorable moments.

“I am so blessed and so honored and so lucky,” replied Randy. “Hopefully I touched their lives a little bit — they certainly touched mine.”

He also backed Mariah during a medley of her hits such as “Hero,” “My All” and “We Belong Together.”

But this season ranks as the lowest ever for the juggernaut, with doubts about any of the judges returning.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. I wasn’t up-to-date with Idol since the Top 4, so I thought Angie was gonna win! I’m surprised she wasn’t even in the top 2 – though I’m glad. I wasn’t an Angie fan. Was sick of all the praise. Congrats to Candice. Great vocalist, though I always found her difficult to connect with.

  2. Bruce Banner

    @alfagirl – Ten’s editing did wonders for both the final performance and finale show, cut out all of the recaps, pointless judges comments and other fluff that usually makes these shows a 4 hour ordeal.

  3. Although Amber was my favourite of all the contestants, I was glad that Candice won as she has an amazing voice. Thought her duet with Jennifer Hudson was the highlight.

    Nicky was actually my fave judge, she said what she thought and didn’t sugarcoat it. Also didn’t mind Keith, but it looks like both of them won’t be back next year.

  4. Mariah was not lip-syncing. Her performance (as well as Keith’s) were pre-recorded before the finale – and the show’a producers edited it & stuffed the sound accordingly. The original audio had leaked on YouTube (through fan recordings) – and it was Definitely live (and different to what we heard).

    The finale was great though! Loved this season’s talent 🙂

  5. Have never watched American Idol before or been a fan of past winners, but this was a great season. Keith, Randy and Nicki were entertaining judges and Candice is an outstanding talent.
    If Aus Idol resurfaces, I hope it can unearth somebody like her.

  6. Great show last night. Yes Mariah was bad I thought the satellite feed was out of sync but the rest of the show was fine.

    Surprised nicki minaj did not perform and yes, the only departing judge was Randy. You can bet Mariah will not do it again.

    I would also be surprised if it appears on Ten again. Foxtel at least had it within hours of US broadcast rather than next day delayed but at leat Ten tried it, just nobody watched.

  7. Bruce Banner

    @Sophie, Mariah’s performance was pretty terrible… glued to the stage, only able to move one arm and lip-syncing badly to a pre-made medley.

    Jennifer Lopez showed her how a 40-something diva does it.

    Also, glad to see Candice win, but I just can’t find a place for her in modern pop culture, no matter how great her voice is (which it is spectacular).

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