Foxtel free TV promo breaches consumer law

2013-05-16_2358Foxtel has agreed to compensate some of its customers with a month’s free subscription after it failed to deliver them a television set within 10 days as part of a promotional offer.

Foxtel advertised that customers who signed up for a 12-month plan between February 12 and April 5, 2012, would receive a free 22-inch television within 10 days of installation. The offer was limited to 1,500 televisions but nearly 8,400 subscribers signed up to the promotion.

But a significant number of customers signed up and didn’t receive the television within the specified time.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) claims that a Foxtel free television offer breached Australian consumer law.


  1. If you look at the very tiny writing at the bottom of the screen ……. the minimum cost for the 12 months is $700+ ……. if you want foxtel get it for the right reasons! If you want an iPad go and buy one!

  2. Given 22″ Kogan TVs can be bought for less than $150 this was not a very good offer IMO.

    Also since this was limited to the first 1500 does Foxtel have any legal obligation to the nearly 7000 others who signed up?

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