Geri Halliwell shines a star for Mel B

2013-05-05_0121Mel B has copped a fair deal of bad press lately, after it was revealed she quit a contract with Seven to pursue another with Nine.

But former Spice Girl and replacement judge on Australia’s Got Talent, Geri Halliwell, is doing her best to restore the love.

Halliwell tells News Limited, ”I just need to tell Australia and the whole world that Melanie Janine Brown Belafonte is a wonderful person. Obviously she would have loved to do it, she’s great. Super funny, super talented but for business reasons she was unable to do it.

“Instead of moping about it, she picked up the phone to me and said ‘Geri, I can’t do it but I would love you to do it. In fact, I’ve spoken to the producers and put in a good word for you.’ Isn’t that a beautiful, lovely, gorgeous thing to do? She is a real sista, who’s really got my back . . . I was overwhelmed by that.”

Wonder if she would give up an AGT role in 2014 when Brown is legally able to work with Nine again…?


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