Grant Denyer to host Slide Show for Seven

Exclusive: Grant Denyer will be named host of Seven's new Slide Show, which films in Melbourne next week.

2013-05-02_0027EXCLUSIVE: Grant Denyer will be named host of Seven’s new Slide Show, which films in Melbourne next week.

Denyer quit Sunrise last month but has plenty of hosting  experience in light entertainment thanks to Australia’s Got Talent.

The show, based on a French format called Vendredi Tout est Permis Avec Arthur, sees teams of personalities competing in parlour games, culminating in a scene with a set built on a steep angle.

TV Tonight understands the show is being filmed with a 7:30 timeslot in mind and not as a possible replacement for Deal or No Deal.

Channel Seven today announced Grant Denyer as the host of SlideShow, a riotous new entertainment program to be produced by Shine Australia.

SlideShow will feature acclaimed comedians Cal Wilson and Toby Truslove as fearless team captains who are joined each week by some of Australia’s biggest and funniest stars.

Two teams of guests including actors, comedians and sporting personalities will perform a series of improvised challenges – from songs and dances to mimes and sketches – before a large studio audience in a concert-like atmosphere.

Fronted by former Sunrise star Grant Denyer, SlideShow promises to be unpredictable, loud and loads of fun.

“What does a bloke do when he’s done almost everything there is to do as Sunrise weathergirl? SlideShow!” Grant Denyer said. “This is such an exciting new concept. We’re not changing lives or giving away big cash prizes. It’s pure entertainment. And I love that. It’s going to be unpredictably hilarious. I can’t wait.”

Seven’s Network Director of Production, Brad Lyons, said: “This is a big, boisterous show and the whole family will be able to sit down together and have a laugh. And we’re thrilled Grant is hosting. He’s great fun, he’s smart and he has tons of energy. He’s the perfect fit.”

Based on a successful new format from France, SlideShow begins production in May, and will air on Channel Seven later in 2013.

Mark Fennessy, CEO, Shine Australia, said: “SlideShow is, simply, the most fun show on TV. It’s big, brassy, totally laugh-out-loud with a fresh and hilarious new twist on performance-based comedy. Exactly what we all need in this election year.”

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  1. This program will have the shortest TV life ever…from what I and my family have seen from the shorts…it is crap…..definitely one show I will never watch

  2. Is it called Slide Show because the personalities will go sliding down the so called “steep angle”? Perhaps the set might look a little something like the old ‘Go Go Stop’ set with a bit more room to move around???

  3. Well I met Grant when I lived in Sydney, and he was very nice and friendly. He chatted to me for a while, even when he had to go to do his weather cross, he came back to me to continue chatting with me.

  4. My claim to fame moment of Grant was him getting a bit drunk with his crew in the row behind us on a flight (economy) from Darwin to Sydney a few years back.

  5. Why always so many negative people and comments before a show starts, it you don’t like a person or the show they are hosting then don’t watch it and don’t complain.

  6. My eagerness for this show has now dipped. Denyer is likeable but misplaced for comedy. Perhaps it’s time for him to start diversifying his presentation style in which case he might yet surprise.

  7. Denyer is the most untalented personality on Channel 7.He completely lacks any form of sincerity, and to me seems so false ..I could never watch him as a weather presenter and won’t watch this show either.
    there are so many people on channel seven who seem a lot nicer than Denyer..why not use them?

  8. Oh, and here I was hoping he had jumped ship and was going to turn up on ch 9. Sounds interesting, will probably give it a go.

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