House Rules launch

_03A0100Last night Seven held a media launch for House Rules at the show’s Home Base in Melbourne at the Old Titles Office in Queen Street.

In attendance were host Johanna Griggs, contestants, judges, designer & supervisor, CEO Tim Worner, Commercial Director Bruce McWilliam, Head of Production Brad Lyons, Melbourne General Manager Lewis Martin, Executive Producer Rikkie Proost, Head of Publicity Susan Wood, Sunrise‘s David Koch, Melissa Doyle, Natalie Barr, Mark Beretta and Executive Producer Michael Pell.

Contestants arrived by smashing their way through a makeshift brick wall in a cloud of smoke.

Along with dinner the evening included entertainment from a House Rules house band featuring Suzie Ahern and Chong Lim. Several lucky guests even took away door prizes of electronic equipment.

Brad Lyons, who is the network’s favoured speech maker at Seven events, talked up the show and the network’s increasing local content slate. He pointed towards the network’s formidable output increasing in 2013, with more on the way in 2014.

But there were also some cheeky remarks directed at Mediaweek regularly checking their numbers with rival execs in Willoughby, and taking umbrage at a certain reference to Celebrity Splash‘s numbers being branded the biggest blunder of the year ….”you know who you are” (in fact the misquote was that the show would “now go down as one of the year’s biggest blunders.”)

Meanwhile, Seven kept the show’s prize under wraps, still to be revealed in the first three minutes of episode one. Guests were debating the show’s tough battle against The Block, but Seven is remaining pragmatic, mindful that the first season of My Kitchen Rules also did more modest numbers than recent seasons.

House Rules, which is still shooting episodes, is tipped to have surprise cards up its sleeve in terms of its format and will also include a Live to air finale.

House Rules launches 7:30pm Tuesday and continues Wednesday and Thursday on Seven.


  1. Really? They’re using the first season of MKR to justify low ratings in advance? Because I seem to remember significant retooling after that season.

    This year alone, Seven’s already had Celebrity Splash flounder, this’ll collapse just as fast, DWTS probably won’t be back, they’ve lost AGT to Nine, and there’s no TAR Australia. Add in TAR Original Recipe being shunted to 7Mate and approximately zero evidence they know what they’re doing with The Mole, and… oy.

    Oh, and Grant Denyer’s still got his theatresports thing coming. Because when you think “Whose Line ripoff”, you think “needs more Denyer”.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I cannot get past the familar feeling I get each time I see those two contestants…especially the woman…but different hair…I cannot help feeling I have seen them on TV before…maybe younger?!?

  3. muscledude_oz

    When The Block began TEN tried to counter it with The Hot House. A few years later they had another crack with The Renovators. I’m predicting this latest attempt by Seven will go the same way as TEN’s disasters.

  4. I like to think Celebrity Splash was 7’s first speed wobble before they crash.

    House Rules will send the network wobbling out of control as they start shedding viewers on another unorignal format.

  5. Sandra Crack

    The prize in House rules doesn’t worry me as, as soon as they announce it they will start “sizzling” the next dramatic plot point drama thats either going to come up after the next ad break or next episode.

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