House Rules lifts as The Voice becomes a marathon

Ratings: Viewers love for a "before / after" reveal takes House Rules to the magic million, but the night belonged to Nine.

2013-05-21_1021Viewers love a good “before / after” reveal, even when they’re not heavily invested in the characters. Seven’s House Rules episode enjoyed an upswing last night taking it across the magic million margin, against the first Live Show from The Voice.

House Rules was 1.04m while The Voice, which dragged on for nearly 2.5hrs, averaged 1.58m in overnight numbers (those figures will be adjusted).

Monday belonged to Nine with a network share was 34.2% then Seven 28.3%, ABC 18.1%, TEN 15.3% and SBS 3.8%.

The Voice was 1.58m for Nine then Nine News (1.38m), The Block (1.24m), A Current Affair (1.07m), Major Crimes (838,000 to be adjusted), Hot Seat (749,000). Footy Classified was 252,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.35m) led for Seven then Today Tonight (1.18m), House Rules (1.04m), Home and Away (1.00m), Revenge (946,000), Deal or No Deal (605,000) and Grey’s Anatomy (432,000 / 286,000).  Private Practice was 131,000.

ABC News (985,000) was best on ABC1 then Australian Story (843,000), 7:30 (797,000), Four Corners (723,000), Media Watch (663,000), Q&A (570,000). Time Team was 344,000.

TEN News was 689,000 for TEN followed by The Project (565,000), The Biggest Loser (563,000). All other shows trailed Bold & the Beautiful (427,000) being David Attenborough: 6o Years in the Wild (397,000), The Simpsons (372,000) and the final for Can of Worms (246,000), which will struggle to be renewed on those numbers despite the competition.

Mythbusters was 276,000 for SBS ONE then World News Australia (170,000), Into the Mind (162,000) and Mad Men (69,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 353,000. First episode of The Feed on SBS 2 was 25,000.

Sunrise: 342,000
Today: 333,000
ABC News Breakfast: 44,000 / 28,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 20 May 2013

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  1. @Gra-gra People don’t watch HR for the quality of work, if anything the lack thereof makes for better TV. Audiences are more likely to stick with the show because there are new warring teams and a bogan couple to laugh at. I wouldn’t be so sure it’s heading to Two.

  2. House Rules didn’t offer anything new and the quality of the renovations was terrible. I don’t expect viewers to watch it over The Block in head to head clashes. The Perth and Adelaide numbers will drop next week and with that Ch7 will minimise their losses relagating it to 7Two within a week.

  3. Glad to see HR cross the million mark. It’ll be interesting to see whether it continues to grow, or at least maintains similar numbers. It’s frustrating that teams make over the entire inside of the house yet the outside remains a dump. It would be good if tonight’s punishment for the lowest scoring team is to fix up the exterior. I do think four episodes per week is too much, though, especially this early on.

    2.5hrs of The Voice? I’d rather eat glass.

    Ten is just a mess. They’re throwing shows at the wall and hoping something sticks. They wasted Can of Worms this season and now it’s wrapped for the year. That was one of their better chances to get the ball rolling on at least one night. The network is in dire need of a complete revamp, right down to their terrible male and female voiceover artists.

  4. @HieroHero – TEN has a “The Panel” clone in “Can of Worms”. Nobody’s watching.
    @Andrew – Thanks to uninformed (or maybe not) chain store sales people years ago, telling buyers of SD STB’s “this is all you need”, there are thousands of non-HD STBs out there that can’t receive ABC24, ONE, etc.

  5. As I have said to my family and as some of you have said, House Rules should of had a 2 episode cycle. One for construction of the house and the other for house reveal & scoring)

  6. The real test for HR will be tonight, Wednesday and Thursday to see if it can sustain 1m (I doubt it but who knows). I think they should move it to 7two now before they hurt there brand anymore all there other programs are suffering.

  7. House Rules was always going to be risky for Seven. They should have just gone with a 1-2 episode per week format for the first series, as initial seasons of My Kitchen Rules and The Block have done – on air episodes would probably have more momentum too.

    The current House Rules/Block situation just proves that Perth viewers will watch anything Seven serves up, even if it is poorly regarded by the rest of the country.

  8. @ – @HieroHero Thank God You’re Here moved to Seven for the final year. That said, Working Dog don’t like to do projects for too long. Frontline only ran for 3 series etc.

    That’s good numbers for Seven. We’ll see if it holds though, the ‘House from Hell’ promo will grab some attention – just hoping it’s not something stupid… Like the dodgy floor from the WA house.

  9. Considering House Rules was on Seven almost continuously over the weekend it is still a dismal result.

    Seven must still be worried as revenge is down also…

    Nine just has to keep The Block overlapping with House Rules to ruin it for Seven.

  10. I note that both Seven and Nine code their stripped reality shows differently for each day. This means that when a show is doing really well, like The Voice, it will appear multiple times in the Weekly Top Ten; but if it has one decent night but is a dud later in the week, like House Rules, the poorly-rating eps don’t drag down the average for the whole week.

  11. @Darcey09: ABC News 24 is not available to any non-HD tuners (and there are still some out there).

    Also the ABC1 broadcast starts 6am regardless of time zone, while the ABC24 broadcast is 6am AEST, so the ABC1 broadcast allows non-AEST states to see the program at a decent hour.

    And ABC1 is the primary/main channel so it gives News Breakfast exposure to a greater ABC audience.

  12. Was good to see he House Reveal. Note to 7. The episode could have aired for an hour, just remove the reminders after the adverts and the coming up next! Not sure how many people suffer short term memory loss!
    I will only watch Reveal shows for Block and HR, to avoid all the “dramas and challenges”!
    I watch. Scripted drama for the drama!

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