House Rules prize under wraps

Seven is keen to keep its "life-changing prize" hush-hush but what have been TV's biggest prizes?

VIC-Nick&Chris2Seven is keeping its prize on House Rules a secret, set to be revealed in “the first three minutes of the show.”

So keen to keep it hush-hush, that even in the media preview (reviewed here) Seven has edited the details out.

All the network has revealed is that it features a “life-changing prize.”

Sitting at the top of Australian TV prizes is Big Brother 2004 when Trevor Butler won $1m dollars. There have also been two $1m winners on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Rob “Coach” Fulton and Martin Flood.

On The Hothouse in 2004 Simon and Jules won a house on Bribie Island.

A number of TV contestants have won $500,000, including on Minute to Win It, while The Block contestants have won big bucks (Dan and Dani accrued $660,000 over two seasons) and there are plenty who have bagged $250,000.

I rather like the theory that House Rules may pay off someone’s mortgage, although the money for a home owner in Sydney would vastly outweigh those in WA.

Any other theories?

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  1. LOL

    Some of the comments here are hilarious – and sadly very true.

    It’s a no brainer that this show, Block and MCA will all run over time.

    This has been going on for years and because the government has allowed the networks to ‘self-regulate’ it will continue to get worse.

    And there is really no excuse for the over-runs. These shows have been filmed and edited months ago – so 14 minutes of new material should easily be edited into a 60 minute show that doesn’t run over schedule.

    Now we see 14 minute shows be padded over 75 or even 90 minutes ;- Hello ‘The Voice’.

    The government should regulate the networks – but with Gina, Rupert, Kerry and David running them – it’s we viewers who will have to put up with it.

  2. I’d have to do some research but I reckon Sale Of The Century would have seen some winners, having worked their way up, would walk away with around $500,000 of prizes and that’s in 1980s and 1990s dollars. But my memory might be a bit faded I’ll have to check.

  3. Spoiler Alert

    Forget the $$$$ amounts, forget the mortgages, there a much more valuable prize to offer anyone.

    The prize package is personalized accurate and fully functional EPG access, combined with at two days accurate notice of “Actual” programmes dates, accurate “Starting and Finishing Times” plus Add and Promo free viewing, especially the 3hour 15 minutes of promos on Sunrise that usually ends up as a 5/10 minute segment that even causes Sunrise to run up to 10 minutes overtime.

    The Runner Up prize is, unfortunately not Add or Promo free viewing, but offers a personalized constant volume listening guarantee, especially with the many Advertorials, and regardless of the crack down on Advertising volume peaks and constant volume monitoring promised by ACMA that must have only lasted a couple of weeks, that unfortunately mostly resulted in erratic volumes over the entire broadcast spectrum on all networks.

  4. “although the money for a home owner in Sydney would vastly outweigh those in WA”

    We wish! Perth’s Median House Price is now the second highest in the country… and catching up rapidly to Sydney!

  5. I don’t intend watching the show but I saw an ad which said this couple were renting so what good would it be for them to have the mortgage paid off when they don’t have one…

  6. Oh JoshS – you beat me to it. The winners will appear on MKR 2014, DWTS 2014, Celebrity Splash 2014, be a judge on X Factor, get front row seats at the Australian Open 2014 and also guest star on Home and Away.

    And if they are pretty enough – they will replace Giaan Rooney as the Seven Weather Presenter as well. But wait there’s more! Yes – they will have their entire mortgage paid off and win first class round the world tickets etc etc etc.

    Sigh – I’m already over The Block and House Rules and neither has even started yet. The endless promos and pop up ads throughout the day has turned me off both.

  7. So let me get this straight –

    1) All the teams are renovating one house per week

    2) Each team is assigned one room in the house. For example – WA team get ‘The Kitchen’ and NSW team get ‘The Bathroom’.

    3) They renovate one house (at a time) in each state over the period of the show

    4) The winners will be decided how?? Who renovates the best room in each house? How the entire house looks once completed??

    5) The houses they are renovating are owned by complete strangers (people who are not competing on the show)

    Let me know if I got all 5 points right or wrong. This show has had me confused from day one!

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