Look who’s acting in Offspring this week…

Kamahl plays Dr BandariLook who’s acting in Offspring this week…

Kamahl has a small role as a medical specialist.

How aware are you of your partner’s sexual history?

This week, Nina and Patrick’s domestic bliss is thrown a curve ball when Kim suggests that Patrick and new registrar Eloise have a sexual past. Unaware of any history, Nina tries to squash the idea but is compelled to confront Patrick about the issue. Spurred on by a discussion of their sexual histories, Nina and Patrick each make a list, a tally of everyone they’ve ever been with. Nina’s proud of her total, but shocked by Patrick’s list of 35 women, some of whom are nameless. News of Nina’s sex tally spreads like wildfire and Nina endures a day being taunted by family, friends and colleagues about her modest score.

Also, celebrating their recent career success, Billie and Mick pay Nina back the money they borrowed to purchase their house. But Billie’s celebrations are short lived when Darcy reveals he’s planning to sell the family business. Concerned for her job, Billie wants Darcy to sell Proudman Real Estate to her, but Darcy doesn’t think she’s ready for the responsibility. Will Darcy agree to sell the business to his daughter if she can raise the capital?

8:30pm Wednesday on TEN.

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