Martin Henderson to star in Secrets and Lies for TEN

Martin Henderson, Anthony Hayes, Diana Glenn and Adrienne Pickering feature in TEN's new Brisbane drama series.

Secrets & LiesMartin Henderson will star in TEN’s upcoming drama series Secrets & Lies, which commenced production in Brisbane this week.

Henderson, best known for films such as The Ring, Little Fish, Bride & Prejudice, Off The Map and Devil’s Knot, will be joined by Diana Glenn (The Slap, Killing Time) as Christy Gundelach, Anthony Hayes (Devil’s Dust, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms) as Detective Cornielle and Adrienne Pickering (The Reef, Rake) as Jess Murnane.

Produced by Hoodlum, the six-part series will be filmed in and around South East Queensland.

Henderson plays Ben Gundelach, an everyday family man who finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect. As his world falls apart, Ben finds himself with no choice but to try to find the real killer. At stake is his marriage, his kids, his reputation and his sanity.

TEN’s Executive Producer, Drama, Rick Maier said: “Secrets & Lies is a fictional contemporary thriller, and an uncompromising ‘There but for the grace of God’ story. This atmospheric, white-knuckle screenplay very quickly attracted the interest of a fantastic cast. With Kate Dennis directing and Hoodlum producing, Secrets & Lies has already garnered significant international interest and promises to be unlike anything else produced this year.”

Tracey Robertson, CEO of Hoodlum, said: “Secrets & Lies is a great suburban thriller that is set to get audiences guessing to the very last minute. This compelling whodunit scratches below the surface of a typical neighbourhood that, under such tragic circumstances, is forced to expose the secrets and lies of its residents. Each week reveals new suspects and new secrets to discover, and uncovers the lies of our seemingly ordinary characters.”

The series had previously been announced to air later this year, subtitled Secrets & Lies: The Track, with plans to feature other Secrets & Lies stories if it proceeds to a second season.

It is based on original idea written by acclaimed author Stephen M Irwin, produced by Tracey Robertson, Leigh McGrath and Nathan Mayfield.

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  1. So I wasn’t the only person who watched Echo Point & Paradise Beach. Sounds like a great show, nice to see something filmed in Qld for a change. Most stuff is done in either Melbourne or Sydney.

  2. I still remember Martin Henderson as Zach from Echo Point, and Anthony Hayes as young Gromit from Paradise Beach.
    I’ll watch anything with Anthony in it. He’s an absolutely brilliant actor.

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