Multiple endings filmed for Celebrity Splash

Another Reality show films fake endings to try and keep its winner under wraps.

2013-05-13_1356Celebrity Splash, the show that is apparently not one of the year’s biggest TV blunders last night  filmed 2 different endings for rescheduled Grand Final, in order to try and keep its winner under wraps.

That means judges have altered scores across phony endings in which everybody wins and everybody loses. Not a great night to be in the audience when one dive was repeated four times.

Filming fake endings is no longer an industry secret now that it has become par for the course on Reality shows such as My Kitchen Rules, Celebrity Apprentice and MasterChef: The Professionals. This impacts on the audience’s suspension of disbelief about the way the genre is manufactured.

It contrasts with the same-day judging on MasterChef finals, The Block Auctions filmed the day before and the live-to-air winner announcement in the US on Survivor (GO! airs this tonight in Australia).

Meanwhile The Australian today referenced the slap directed in TV Tonight‘s direction at the House Rules launch, after branding the show “one of the year’s biggest TV blunders”:

Launching the show, (Brad) Lyons quite rightly pointed out that recent reporting of Celebrity Splash had been unfairly harsh given its ratings. In fact it had been “unproportionately out of line”. It was no secret his comments were aimed at TV Tonight editor David Knox, who later tried to placate the affable Lyons. Let the record show Lyons was not placated.

But after contestants quitting, injuries, ratings slides, expense, semi-finals dumped, grand finals buried, negative reviews, impacting on Revenge and potentially losing the network momentum to Nine (….jump in here anytime),  let the record also show I stand by my prediction.

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  1. It’s a huge failure. A 2M+ base dropping to 800k and killing Revenge. David you’re spot on.

    Can we roll all these in to one monolith catastrophe: Everybody with Excess Baggage Dive Now!

    p.s I am still shocked they are bringing back Bryne?!? WTF

  2. For a show that has apparently has had little interest to a lot of people has certainly attracted a lot of comments on this blog. Any publicity is good publicity and David you have reinforced that philosophy with the stories you have given this show.

  3. I think come November when we look at blunders of the year, sevens bizarre decision to not launch house rules out of MKR will be top if the list.
    They have lost the momentum MKR provided and allowed the block to premiere first.
    I predict viewers will treat house rules the way they did the renovators.

  4. Well, with how the news outlets are going these days with leaking the results of live events (Logies, anyone?), I don’t blame the networks for doing what they can to preserve the real results.

    I just wish there was a better way aside from filmig multiple episode endings, as it cheapens the whole viewing process. As you mentioned in another article David, what’s to stop them choosing the winner based on public preferences after airing? So silly.

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