NCIS: Los Angeles: June 4

NCIS LA S4 Ep18Next week TEN airs the first of a two part NCIS: LA episode which was poised to launch a new spin-off created By Shane Brennan.

“Red” (parts 1 and 2) guest stars John Corbett as Roy Haines and Kim Raver as NCIS Special Agent Paris Summerskill.

As the NCIS: LA team begins to investigate the murder of a suspected arms dealer named Rashid Santoso in Griffith Park, they are informed that the weapon used to kill Santoso was also used to kill Master Seargent Edward Shaw in Idaho less than 48 hours later. Hetty orders Kensi and Deeks to look into Santoso’s murder here in LA, and dispatches Sam and Callen to Idaho, where they rendezvous with the NCIS: RED team, a mobile unit of agents who are constantly on the move for work.

However last week CBS confirmed it was not proceeding with the spin-off series.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, Offspring repeat is now in its place. Airing June 4.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    @sav001 – thx, I was aware of TBL final. Since it’ll be the same number of eps however their cut, I still think it would have made more sense if they had broadcast the actual double-ep on Tue instead of splitting it over two weeks.

    @Cheali – thx for additional info. I think we both agree that an actual double-ep should trump two related eps if one of them has to be split.

  2. If Ten wants NCIS to end at a certain time how about not taking it off so early in November? I’ll give them this much – at least we seem to hopefully be getting the finale this year & don’t have to wait until after the DVD comes out last minute before the new season starts. But still strange… that & I hate that it (& other shows) goes off in November when the ratings period is still running… But I guess they just want to save the ones which rate well for later *sigh*

    @Secret Squirrel the two NCIS episodes were related as the first one ends with Tony going & finding Ziva with McGee, then Ziva ‘telling’ Gibbs (the final scene of it is when Ziva looks up at Vance & he nods). So the next episode was a continuation of that. Either way I agree with you. I figured that they were doing a double of NCIS then next week it would be the LA double that way it would be fair. I guess it makes sense if its the final of The Biggest Loser but still not happy that they did that.

    @sav001 what’s so special about finishing on June 18th? Because if NCIS ran a week longer it would mean Under The Dome didn’t start until July?

  3. @Secret Squirrel, Ten showed a double NCIS this week, because The Biggest Loser finale airs 7:30- 9:30 next Tuesday and presumably Ten want to finish NCIS by the 18th of Junr, so they can premiere the Stephen King mini series ” Under The Dome”, the following week in the NCIS timeslot.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    Let me see if I’ve got this right – yesterday Ten ran a “double” ep of NCIS that was just two unrelated eps (with a cliff-hanger at the end of the second) but next Tues, instead of NCIS they’re going to show only one part of an actual double ep of NCIS: LA?

    Could they have not shown the double ep of LA y’day? and a single ep of Original next week? I can only assume that Ten are embarrassed by the relatively high ratings NCIS gets and are trying to bring them back down to comfortable levels.

  5. NCIS Red seemed very similar to Criminal Minds Suspect Behaviour,which died a quick death.
    No suprise CBS decided not to go ahead with it.

  6. What? Why isn’t this a double episode? NCIS is out next week so I thought it was because they wanted to show both parts of Red together. If they aren’t doing that then that’s juts plain cruel & torture to leave us on a cliffhanger for no real reason. Online guide I just checked says NCIS: LA for 9.30pm, & Biggest Loser runs for longer that night… stupid reality shows 🙁

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