Offspring optimism for TEN

Ratings: Offspring improves TEN's midweek shares, but the battle stays close between Nine and Seven.

2013-05-23_1030The return of Offspring brought some good news to TEN with 868,000 viewers and good numbers in the Demos. Drilling down into the detail, it was a big improvement on Mr and Mrs Murder last week and well up on its lead in.

The battle remained close between the two big networks with Nine network winning the night with 29.9% then Seven 29.2%, ABC 18.9%, TEN 17.4% and SBS 4.6%.

Nine News topped the night with 1.39m for Nine then A Current Affair 1.19m, The Big Bang Theory and The Block (both 1.16m), Arrow (963,000), Hot Seat (726,000) and The Following (400,000).

Seven News (1.26m) was best for Seven followed by Today Tonight (975,000), Home and Away (920,000), House Rules (900,000), Criminal Minds (749,000 / 646,000). Hannibal was 226,000.

ABC News (966,000) again lead for ABC1 followed by 7:30 (903,000), Qi (817,000), Adam Hills Tonight (689,000), Would I Lie to You? (428,000). Time Team was 315,000.

Following Offspring, TEN’s other titles were TEN News at 720,000, The Biggest Loser at 596,000, The Project at 566,000, The Simpsons at 367,000, but Beauty and the Beast lost a great deal of its lead-in at 310,000.

On SBS ONE it was Jimmy’s Forest (208,000), World News Australia (180,000), Extreme Frontiers: Canada (163,000), and Borgen (132,000).

ABC2’s Shaun the Sheep led multichannels with 347,000.

Sunrise: 375,000
Today: 331,000
ABC News Breakfast: 62,000 / 26,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 22 May 2013

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  1. I believe Offsprings numbers will only grow. In my opinion Ten should have switched The Biggest Loser to Tues-Thurs to avoid The Voice juggernaut as much as possible. There isn’t much to watch on Wed or Thurs so Ten could have had a bit of glory there.

  2. I’m a fan of Offspring, but Nina’s fantasy sequences are in danger of jumping the shark – too much, too often. And that’s what we got in the other night’s show, right from the start she was off and running – it was just silly. Luckily that only lasted about 10 minutes or so and they got down to meatier matters.

    I’m not the only one getting a bit tired of her scattiness (she’s supposed to be an obstetrician for heaven’s sake), a lot of people calling in on radio were whingeing about this too.

  3. B&B will have a similar audience profile to Offspring, young females, but just not as many of them. It is tough to get people watching US dramas, especially after 8:30pm later in the week when people have stuff on their DVRs to watch.

    If Ten started Beauty And The Beast on a secondary channel against Revenge and The Voice, which target similar viewers, it would have rated less than 100k. Torchwood and Dexter are a better lineup for Eleven on Mondays.

  4. @ nicks and David- I agree, that is why I look it up and discuss it to support my point sometimes.
    People don’t seem to think about all the amazing resources on this website!

  5. Didn’t want TBBT last night, did Nine tell viewers it was the season final. Thus no new episodes until sometime in September?

    Offspring was good last night and I liked Beauty and the Beast hope the ratings pick up.

  6. Solid improvement on Season 3’s start (728,000). I expect the back of the season will be stronger like it typically is. Nice one Offspring, and good to see an 800k+ for TEN.

  7. I thought Offspring would do better honestly, but I guess from the state TEN is in. It’s pretty good.

    BATB was horrible, watched the first 10 minutes and story was boring, acting subpar. It was made even worse by obviously shooting off scene in Toronto even though she is in the NYPD!

  8. The Block has been up 250,000 on House Rules last 2 nights.A week ago it was 450,000,so 100,000 seem to have migrated since then. Yesterday Nickovic,commenting on Hr’s slow start and improving numbers, thought that ,as he recalled, Mkr’s start was similar.I checked the numbers. Mkr’s 1st airing the Monday after tennis in 2010..1,103,000..2 1/2 men @ #1..1,519,000.4 weeks later the gap was closed..2 1/2..1,424,000 mkr 1,408,000,with the grand final in week 8 at 1,530,000.And the rest as they say is history.Now frankly I don’t give a rat’s behind about Mkr,Hr or 2 1/2..don’t watch…i’m mostly an sbs guy(after Eurovision,Borgen,and The Bridge, I’m thinking I’m as familiar with Malmo,Copenhagen and their nexus..the Oresund,as I am with the foreshore here in Surfers Paradise)..lol.No, my point again is..the numbers are all here folks.You can search and look up through the archives,every single ratings figure for every Mkr ever aired if you want to..it’s an awesome resource that David’s afforded us..and the answers to most of our ratings number questions are already here if we’d just take a minute or 2 to search them out.

    1. Nicks: You are correct about the ratings archive. I’ve always endeavoured to make it as user-friendly as possible. Anytime anybody asks me “is that better than what it got in 2012?” I always think to myself, “ok one of us can check the archive… I vote you!” LOL. But that’s the point, I don’t keep all this data in my head, it’s archived here and a quick search of the right key words will usually retrieve the answer.

  9. Good to see Offspring with a good debut. Considering it was in the 700,000 at some point last season (unless it was the one before). Still think it deserves higher ratings. It definitely has a loyal fan base!
    Sorry to begin the speculation, I know it is guaranteed to a 5th season, but with Funding or subsidies previously allocated to around 64 episodes (I know Rush was axed due to that subsidy funding threshold) Will it continue beyond 5 seasons (5 seasons x 13 episodes =65 episodes in total)?
    I suppose just enjoy the story lines and characters while we can 🙂

  10. I have held the view for a few months now, that Wednesday was there for the taking. There are really only 3 strong competitive nights Sun-Tues, the rest can be grabbed with decent shows, good marketing/programming and a bit of respect for the audience.
    Despite this ch10 were still 4th, but maybe the green shoots of recovery starting to show. MC should lift them as well…..its been a long time

  11. Knew Beauty and the Beast would bomb. Does not even fit well with Offspring. It would fit perfectly in the spot vacated by Supernatural on Eleven but Ten now lazily shows 7 year old Torchwood repeats. They can wait for the Star Trek repeat slots when they are available.

  12. Good to see Arrow holding up well. The Following , however…
    Q- What’s with the insane figure for ACA?? 1.89 mill!? Usually it and TT and pretty much the same. What happened?

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