Record ratings for Wentworth

2013-05-21_1327Foxtel’s new local drama series Wentworth is being touted as the most watched non-sports program in subscription television history.

Foxtel has now released Timeshifted data for the premiere episode which tallies a cumulative average audience of 631,000 viewers across its various broadcasts.

The May 1st premiere screened simultaneously on SoHo, FOX8 and 111HITS, as well as +2 channels and enjoyed replays across the week.

Multiple replays and Timeshifted data makes it harder to draw direct comparisons with previous Foxtel highlights such as Love My Way and Australia’s Next Top Model, but it’s clear the show has attracted good buzz and excellent numbers.

The first ep also had more than 22,000 views on Foxtel Go, Foxtel On Demand, on the SoHo website and youtube.

Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh said: “Wentworth is a must-watch new drama series, and this terrific result reflects the changing viewing habits of Australians in 2013. Our subscribers appreciate Foxtel’s innovative multi-play programming strategy giving them the freedom to choose when they watch, and how they watch with services such as Foxtel iQ and Foxtel Go.”

Tomorrow night’s episode focusses on the story of Liz Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) with Anne Charleston, Annie Jones and Carla Bonner at 8:30pm on SoHo.


  1. Well deserved success.

    I’m looking forward to when the show is done with all the prisoner of the week back stories (we don’t have to have sympathy for every character!) and focuses more on the day to day action inside Wentworth.

    Clueless Ten were sitting on a goldmine here and let another one slip through their fingers.

  2. That’s pretty damn impressive.

    David – do you know if that is just the top 5 markets or national? (Now that Foxtel is national)

    Either way, considering only about 30% of houses have access to Foxtel.

    If you put that 631,000 in the same universe as Free to air dramas – it would grow to about 1.5 million

  3. Wentworth is the only show I want to watch on Foxtel. I’d be quite happy to pay Foxtel 4 or 5 dollars for each episode to watch online. I don’t want to buy a full subscription to Foxtel. When are Foxtel going to wake up to this?

  4. I bet ten are regretting not going ahead with Inside Out. I don’t have Foxtel but have heard all the buzz. Its just a shame it wasn’t a completley new series with a nod to Prisoner, instead of re-writing all the character histories.

  5. John Jackson

    I’m enjoying it, so it’s good to see others are tuning in.

    Never really saw a full episode of Prisoner, just the various bits and pieces they’ve played on various compilation shows over the years.

    Really liked Nicole Da Silva in Rush though and was sad when Rush finished so have tuned into Wentworth to see what she’s doing after that and found myself interested in the show.

  6. Excellent news but I think this just goes to show the popularity of Prisoner more than anything else. After watching the first episode I thought it was nowhere near the original.

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