Red herrings and renovation?

2013-05-09_0046Conspiracy theories are abounding in TV land lately with fleeting doubts over whether Seven will indeed launch House Rules on Tuesday, or whether a late change could see it launch even earlier.

There have certainly been a number of red herrings in guides lately, nearly all of them from Nine.

But now that Seven has ditched its Celebrity Splash episode scheduled for Monday -and Sunday before that- it no longer has any roadblocks in the way to stop an earlier launch for its new renovation series (although AFL must still play in Melbourne on Monday).

A Seven source confirmed to TV Tonight the launch would remain locked on Tuesday, which still sees it compete with The Voice.

Seven has also sent a synopsis for Sunday Night and updated guides with other programming on Monday and Tuesday.


  1. From what I’ve seen so far, the Block doesn’t have too much to worry about.

    Perhaps House Rules could be the next Celebrity Splash?

  2. MKR finished on a Sunday night, House Rules should have been launched the very next night on Monday. Seven missed an opportunity to get a jump on The Block.
    I’m really not interested and the ads have been pretty crap for it.

  3. Seven list TBA in the guides and put out announcements about their schedules. They are yet to pull anything dodgie, so I will trust them until they do.

    Nine on the other hand…

  4. Monday Night AFL in Melbourne is the problem. Can’t launch a brand new series without the whole network airing it. Tuesday night looks to be it.

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