Returning: Happy Endings

US comedy Happy Endings returns to Seven later this month.

2013-05-03_1341US comedy Happy Endings returns to Seven later this month.

It picks up from S3E15 “The Straight Dope” which aired in the US in March.

Max meets a cute girl who is a season tickets holder for the Bulls, leaving him no choice but to pretend to be straight, of course! Meanwhile, Alex is tired of everyone dismissing her as the dim-witted blonde, so she becomes well read to prove them wrong. However her newfound knowledge completely throws the whole group dynamic off and no one likes it.

11:30pm Tuesday May 14 Seven

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  1. 7 aren’t caught up with Happy Endings, the last nine episodes have all been shown in the US. ABC burnt them off as double episodes on Friday nights.

    Seven dumped Happy Ending because it wasn’t rating well and they had some close weeks where they just beat Channel 9 and wanted every decimal place they could get.

    They are putting it back on, in replace of things like repeats of Auction squad, because they may as well show the last episodes while some people still care. What would be the point of putting the last 9 episodes of a cancelled sitcom on in 6 months time?

    And after they have finished with Happy Endings and Grey’s Anatomy they might get around to showing the last 4 episodes of Private Practice, second half of S2 of Suits and the final season of 30 Rock.

  2. I didn’t realise Seven were this caught up with Happy Endings. Its funny how Seven bring this back even though its ratings in the US will likely see this cancelled (unless cable net USA picks it up – fingers crossed) yet The Mindy Project was just renewed for another series and its still off the air.

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