Returning: MasterChef Australia. Airdate: Hamish Macdonald’s The Truth Is?

2013-05-17_2306MasterChef Australia returns to TEN early next month.

It begins at 7:30pm Monday June 3.

That means it will probably go up against one of the last Voice finals.

Masterchef is back and this time we are coming to you from the culinary capital of Australia. We have twenty two brand new
contestants chasing their dream to become Australia’s next MasterChef.

At 9pm TEN will premiere Hamish Macdonald’s The Truth Is?

“After The Kill & Sunny Chernobyl”
Hamish meets some people who live near Chernoby illegally and investigates their lives; Hamish also meets some returning soldiers to see how they coping with being back home after serving in war.

The Americans airs at 10pm.

Meanwhile The Biggest Loser wraps on Tuesday May 28.


  1. Watched the preview of masterchef before the biggest loser last night. It looks very different with the girls arguing over a shopping list. I like masterchef because of its food not contestant focus. I hope this isn’t lost in the boys vs girls format. I don’t mind a freshen up in format as long as its nothing like mkr.

  2. MC will rate well because there is nothing interesting on at 7:30 especially when the voice finishes.

    Since MKR has ended I find there is nothing interesting to watch. I flick to the voice but I have no interest in House rules or the block.

    Will MC get the high rating that MKR got every night. Im not sure but it should do well. I guess it depends on how people view the boys v the girls.

  3. jezza the first original one

    Crunch time for ch10. MC normally starts ok and then builds as the usual 50 starters are cut back. This time they are straight in with the final 22(?), so it needs a stronger start.

    If you have confidence in your show and brand, you should be willing to put it up against anything. So lets not be too quick to write it off with knee jerk reactions to a soft start.

    If it fails, ch10 are absolutely stuffed, I hope it doesn’t and I think it will do ok.

  4. I agree that Ten have a good opportunity to build a decent audience for the new season of Masterchef because of the relative failure of House Rules.

    My point was why risk starting it up against The Voice? Sunday at 7.30 against tired old Kath & Kim and 60 Minutes is a much smarter strategy in my opinion.

    Once the stench of failure takes hold in traditional and social media, it’s very hard to shift and Ten would be better off doing whatever it can to avoid this scenario.

    If Loser is finishing May 28, what do Ten have planned for Sunday June 2 anyway?

  5. @DanR – I don’t think House Rules is a “ratings giant”, which is where TEN probably sees a weak spot in the opposition, or one of them.

  6. Now that House Rules is tanking Ten should get this to air as soon as possible. There would be an easy 1m alternative viewers to The Voice and The Block up for grabs if no one is watching 7

  7. OK I am now a little confused. I thought the 13 part series The Americans was going to be on from Monday. Where will it move to I wonder, would be best put on Thursdays at 9.30 after Offspring and leave Beauty & the Beast on Mondays 8.30 on 11. Not going to bother now.

  8. If they do go up against The Voice they have underestimated the damage The Professionals has done to the brand.

    Do they have a death wish at 10?

  9. I’m pleased MC isn’t starting until the final of TBL – we’ve had channel 10 locked in our house since that began. We watch MC with the kids and would not have watched it with the ads for Bigest Loser interspersed (even fast forwarded). Not overly keen on the gender war format but it is a good show to watch with kids.

  10. Big risk starting this on what is currently their weakest night of the week by a country mile.

    Why risk a soft debut up against proven ratings giants, then face all those negative headlines the next day which establish perceptions of a brand in terminal decline, etc, etc

    Hope I’m wrong but looks like yet another clueless move from Ten.

  11. Looking forward to both of these.
    Just hope that MC can return with a bit of freshness in the mix – not sure the boys v girls thing is the right way to go, but we’ll see.
    The thing I like about MC is that they often show viewers how to cook, unlike the drama centred MKR.

  12. carolemorrissey

    Wow, that’s interesting starting on a Monday, it’s usually started on a Sunday night. Interesting to see how it fairs against The Voice.

  13. davodavo6666

    Im feeling that this show in 2013 is going to be a major flop. The formats exhausted, at least The Block spiced things up and MKR is relatively new anyway. Add to that the fact that All Stars was a hit and The Professionals was a flop, I’m guessing this will be the last one. Just saying…

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