Returning: The Glades

US crime series with Matt Passmore returns to SoHo for its fourth season.

2013-05-29_2204The 4th season of  US crime series The Glades returns to SoHo tonight, express from the US.

Matt Passmore is going from strength to strength in this show produced for the A&E channel.

Season 4 is packed with even more mystery, intrigue, and fun. From haunted plantations to rum-soaked shot girls and even a zombie apocalypse, Longworth (Matt Passmore) is once again solving murders that can only happen in the Sunshine State of Florida. This season also promises more drama on the personal front for Longworth, Carlos, Manus, and Daniel as friends and relatives from near and far arrive on the scene. But the big question remains to be answered as Longworth waits for Callie to accept his marriage proposal, or not.

Thursdays at 8.30pm on SoHo.

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  1. Love this show! Ended last season on such a cliffhanger so it will be interesting to see how it starts. Too bad SoHo aren’t fast-tracking The Listener, with it premiering in Canada today, which was another crime series that was big on the old W. Looks like SoHo have forgotten about the shows that made it great in favour of 2+ year old repeats of premium series (Treme, How To Make It In America, True Blood, etc.).

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