Robyn & Katie win The Biggest Loser 2013

00316Tasmanian mother and daughter team Robyn and Katie Dyke have won  The Biggest Loser 2013, shedding a combined weight loss total of 86.6 kilos over three months.

Forty-five-year-old Robyn lost a whopping 34.8% of her total body weight while 19-year-old Katie lost a staggering 47.6 kilos.

The orange team defeated Victorians Gerald and son Todd by just 0.07% of their body weight and took home the $200,000 cash prize. The runners up pocketed $30,000 runner-up prize while  Queenslanders Richard and Amber, who dropped 71.7 kilos, won $10,000.

“Not nearly as much as getting my life on the right track. I never thought I’d make it to finale as a finalist, let alone have a fighting chance for the title,” said Katie.

Trainer Commando Steve added, “Robyn and Katie were fantastic to train and mentor. I knew from the moment they entered the house, they had what it took to win the title. The trials and tribulations they went through on their journey, have changed them for the better and I’m really pleased that life moving forward for the girls is looking brighter than ever.”

Host Hayley Lewis told viewers the show would return by taking on Australia’s move overweight town in The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australiaa reference to the Victorian town of Ararat, where filming began in April.





  1. @catherine: Richard was a little cocky and convinced he was gong to win, but it was obvious throughout the series that Amber was too lazy. She lost a good amount of weight yes, but only because she was forced to and her overall percentage I think places her as one of the 20 worst contestants of all time by weight loss %. Amber was his downfall!

  2. Like most people have already said, I love Hayley’s nature and think she’s a perfect fit for this show. I also hope it returns to five nights a week.

    Robyn & Katie restored my faith in them by saving the green team, and they did work hard so I was happy to see them win. Also happy Gerald & Todd won $30,000. Richard & Amber can both fall in a hole.

    @catherine The pink team won $10,000.

  3. Yeah I hope next yrs season is for atleast 5 nights a week, sun-thur! they should have done it this yr instead of showing us repeats of modern family to fill the slots!

  4. Congratulations to Robyn and Katie. I am so glad they won The Biggest Loser Finale because they deserved to win. And I’m glad Todd and Gerald didn’t leave empty handed either. And it was good to see The Commando have a winning team at finale.
    I can’t wait to see what The Biggest Loser concept in 2014 is going to be. I hope it’s singles. And I hope it’s on more than 3 nights a week.

  5. So happy with the ending to this series…. Those nasty two (Richard&Amber) got their come-uppance (including some nasty backlash on the outside), and I was happy with either Orange and Green winning. Congrats to the Orange Girls.

    I echo the comments of those supporting Hayley as host too – when she tears up its priceless and always gives me goosebumps! Also love when Hayley cracks herself up and laughs (you get a glimpse past her ‘host’ facade when that happens – brilliant!) Love you Hayley!
    Was just saying to my partner last night that Biggest Loser could afford to do 2 series each year – one right at the commencement of ratings, wrapped by Easter/May. Then another from September/October to end of ratings season. There’s enough fatties in this country to get thru (me included!) so I am excited at the possibility of the Ararat series being shown this year.

    Only 2 things I would do to improve it would be to give even a little more time between finishing filming at the house and the finale. It was clear that there was more potential for some more weight loss from some of the contestants.

    Plus, I’d love a series to use Body Fat Percentage as the deciding factor rather than just pure weight. i.e. some of the guys could benefit from loading on some muscle rather than just shedding all weight. For Commando to replicate himself in Todd/Sam/Brett/Mark wouuld be… well…. Yummy!!!

  6. I think most of Australia wanted the green team to win but I was happy with the orange team because they saved the green team to go through. And what Robyn said to Richard monday night was great.

    All the other teams looked pretty good but I was a bit shocked by Richard and Amber. I thought they may have won and wouldnt have guessed them to come third.

    The top 3 teams form the eliminated contestants got a higher weight loss percentage than richard and amber.

    But it was a good series and Hayley was great and I loved what she said about the green team.

  7. Great finale of the biggest loser! Congrats to Katie and robyn! I was going for green but because orange didn’t vote them out I was happy they won. Hayley is such a great host for this show! she really connects with the contestants.
    Bring on the next season boi!

  8. I enjoyed the finale and although I was going for team green,congratulations to Robyn and Katie as they also worked hard. Hayley also did a great job.

  9. Who’da put money on Orange? Not me! It was a fantastic series and finale. When Hayley started choking up over how “sweet” Todd and Gerald are, I got tears in my eyes. Well done everyone on the show!

  10. I thought Hayleys wording was interesting regarding the next series , she didnt actually say next year, she said “next season”, If filming started in April, is it possible they may squeeze in the next series at the end of this year?

  11. daveinprogress

    A fitting end to another tough season of TBL. Katie and Todd represent the reason for this show’s theme. Their parents really showed what it takes to turn that downward spiral around. And so close the final two teams! Hayley Lewis is just so gorgeous, the way she got emotional over Todd. She is a big part of that heart and soul of the series. I’m glad it is coming back.

  12. The final was ok but it dragged. This season of biggest loser wasn’t great and I’m glad its over. Seeing the green teams journey was what kept me watching most episodes till the end. It was obvious at the final stages that the orange team had won it.

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