Sabour dives Head First into ABC2 ratings

5sbraABC2’s Sabour Bradley has reasons to be happy at the moment, 280,000 of them.

That’s because on Wednesday night his documentary series Head First pulled some good numbers for the broadcaster.

Bradley tweeted: “Just got word from @ABC2 that Wed night’s episode of #HeadFirst was *drum roll*……the highest overnight figures for a single ep of an ABC2-commissioned program EVER.”

The episode featured Bradley meeting with a number of transgender people, including teenagers. It didn’t hurt that he appeared on Adam Hills Tonight directly before on ABC1.

The show will get another lift next week when Timeshifted numbers are added.

His final episode next week sees him with an Indigenous community, living under the Intervention.


  1. I love the topics. Obviously there’s a good team putting this together. I just think the host is the weakest link – he comes across so ungeniune, it’s like he’s acting rather than really connecting with the people he interviews. It’s a wasted opportunity…
    With a new host and a better writer of the voice overs I think this could be a really excellent show.

  2. I really wanted to like this series. The topics are all quite interesting but it feels like a blatant Louis Theroux rip-off and unlike Louis the host comes across as very phoney. Worst of all the non stop narration sounds like it’s aimed at primary school children rather than a more adult ABC2 audience.

  3. It was a brilliant doco! He has a wonderful way of empathising that compliments the story.

    I wondered if his appearance on Adam Hills Tonight immediately before the show was the reason for his stellar ratings. Well deserved nonetheless and I think Sabour has a very bright future!

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