Seven set to be Living the Life of Luxury

Seven has a new factual series to begin filming soon about work-shy young adults still living at home with their parents.

2013-05-15_2256TV Tonight hears Seven has a new factual series to begin filming about work-shy young adults still living at home with their parents.

Called Living the Life of Luxury, this will see ten 18-25 year olds pushed out of their comfort zone and undergo crash courses in on-the-job employment situations (Paxton kids, anyone?)

To be produced by Matchbox Pictures, which has already filmed Formal Wars for Seven,  this one is based on an international format. It plans to capture transformations of its subjects as they learn to improve on their current lifestyle and habits.

Seven did very well with World’s Strictest Parents in which misbehaving teens were forced into conservative families. Maybe the idea of a Packed to the Rafters Reality version was just too tempting?

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  1. gee Seven is really devoid of ‘original content makers’…’Young dumb and living off mum’ will be another flop just like all of the other formats the crack in-house team have ruined …”Amazing Race Australia” “World’s strictest Parents”, “Four Weddings”, ‘Conviction Kitchen’, ‘Battle of the Choirs’, the in house version of “The Mole”, “Gladiators”, Bryn’s life.. how about having an original idea .. like once?

  2. I’ve seen a couple of series of the British series this is presumably based on, Young Dumb & Living Off Mum. It was surprisingly watchable, given that most of the participants were completely vapid, self-absorbed, spoilt brats. The reactions of the parents when they realise how useless their kids are, are most entertaining.

    Still, I imagine that Seven will be able to take a perfectly serviceable format and cock it up.

  3. The mindset of most of these kids is result of their parenting. Then again, at 17 or 18 people should be making some effort towards a productive future. Can’t say it’s the type of program I’d watch. Have to watch the blood pressure these days.

  4. @Craig they did. Though I think they were already had jobs and were living at home.

    Not really interested in this show. Maybe it’ll lead them into a job that’s suitable, not just making fun of young adults who don’t have a job and need to live at home.

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