Seven takes Thursday …but a News Update tops ABC.

Ratings: Uh oh ....let's hope we're not headed for more News Updates coded separately just to tinker with the ratings.

2013-05-10_1049ABC’s News Update was the third highest ranking “show” according to OzTAM results last night, coming in at #3 with 1.00m viewers.

With strategic coding of titles usually the domain of others, how long will it be before commercial networks start coding their News Updates just to land them in the Top 10 too? Please don’t take this as an endorsement.

And how can we get ABC to cease the practice (Miniscule is another that gets individual coding from ABC)?

Thursday was a soft night but Seven managed their first win for the week.

Seven network share was 27.5% then Nine 26.6%, ABC 20.3%, TEN 19.4% and SBS 6.2%.

Seven News (1.14m) was best for Seven then Mrs Brown’s Boys (963,000 / 430,000), Today Tonight (958,000), Home and Away (917,000), Deal or No Deal (522,000) and Citizen Khan (481,000).

Nine News topped the night with 1.17m. Next for Nine were ACA (969,000), The Footy Show (742,000), Top Gear (668,000) and Hot Seat (654,000).

ABC News (993,000) was ABC’s second best performer then Our Queen (857,000), The Checkout (840,000), 7:30 (690,000), Stephen Fry: Gadget Man (615,000). Grand Designs Revisited was 615,000.

TEN News (679,000) led for TEN then SVU (623,000 / 491,000), The Project (593,000), Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals (524,000 / 512,000). The Simpsons was 410,000.

Gourmet Farmer (368,000) was best for SBS ONE then Shane Delia’s Spice Journey (318,000), One Born Every Minute USA (182,000), World News Australia (162,000) and Marco Pierre White’s Kitchen Wars (137,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 312,000.

The Morning Show: 145,000
Mornings: 137,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 9 May 2013

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  1. While including 5 minute programs in ratings listings may play havoc with the sports some commentators play, I imagine it has little effect on media buyers.

    If one of the ABC’s news updates is the most watched thing they do of a certain evening, why not celebrate this success? It would be worth saying which one it was, what it was between, etc.

  2. I agree kimbeth Citizen Khan is so not funny and the numbers show, I prefer Mrs Browns Boys personally it’s hilarious. Also is it just me or is The Simpsons slightly increasing in the ratings.

  3. Yes David it is a filler. I would prefer the ABC showed a Rural Australia in those minutes from landline, rather that wasting time with Miniscule

    Do you agree.

    Our farmers need exposure.

  4. Dave, Nine has been doing the same thing the past two Wednesdays by listing Big Bang Theory as The Voice in the EPGs thus having having PVRs programmed for The Voice turning on and registering on the peoplemeters as viewers. It seems if you can’t win the ratings fair and square just rig them.

  5. Apologies, David, you may be right – doesn’t look to be listed anywhere tonight, although I have previously seen both it & the ~8:30 News update in the EPG.

    I notice BTN Daily is in the EPG for 4:55pm, and I look forward to seeing it make top 10 in the ratings 😉

  6. the ABC News Update has been making the top 20 for some time now, but i’ve never seen it rate this high before. I jut hope Seven and Nine don’t start doing this too. lol

  7. These ABC News updates are almost always in the top 20. I wonder if they also code the 9:30pm Lateline updates? I haven’t seen them in ratings listings. My thinking says if it’s not in TV guides/EPGs then it shouldn’t be coded as a program. I mean where will it end? Those ‘seek peaks’ between programs too?

    Is this another bad FTA trend, but this time ABC Television is to blame for starting it?

  8. I don’t see why ABC’s News Update shouldn’t be considered for ratings figures, there’s more actual news on it than any of the commercial networks’ full news programming.

  9. “And how can we get ABC to cease the practice (Miniscule is another that gets individual coding from ABC)?”

    Errr… Miniscule is a separate self-contained show, isn’t it? It’s got opening credits, themed/storied content, closing credits, and its own entry & timeslot in all the TV guides. People undoubtedly sit down and make a point of watching it (I’m related to one) – so why shouldn’t it have its own ratings?

    Next you’ll be saying that “Shaun the Sheep” shouldn’t be counted…

    I understand the sentiment, but I also think actual news updates (or at least rehashes) between programmes – not the thinly-veiled ads for banks & insurance companies within programmes typical of commercial stations – should be included, as long as they’re listed in the guide/EPG.

  10. My grandmother reckons Ian Henderson “should read the main news”. I’ve tried explaining that he does, in another state. But, hey, he did have higher figures than his lead-in and following programs. Odd? Next we’ll see the commercials, and ABC, break news/sport/weather into three different “programs”.

  11. The Footy Show NRL is terrible – anyone notice how they have now split the already-short game previews segment up into different slots?

    Are they trying to make the fans watch the whole show? Especially those not interested in the other segments on the show?

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