South Australia to ban advertising of betting odds during live sport

2013-05-21_0004South Australia will ban advertising of betting odds during live sporting broadcasts and at sporting grounds -the first state in Australia to move on a growing social debate.

Premier Jay Weatherill has asked the SA Independent Gambling Authority to change gambling codes of practice.

“It has become a pervasive part of the coverage,” he said.

“It is of great concern to me that we will end up with a generation of children who believe gambling is a normal part of watching or even playing sport.”

South Australia would be the first state to implement the change. The ban would not apply to online betting.

Free to Air and Pay TV networks have touted a ban on live odds being spruiked during sporting events, but does not restrict promotion of live odds for other sports events that occur at the same time, such as interstate matches, or during ad breaks.

Premier Weatherill said he wanted the ban in place before the end of the year.

Source: News Limited


  1. The Premier has now “clarified” the ban. The “bans would be limited to advertising that urged betting on matches being played.” The federal Communications Minister has also doubts SA could go it alone:

  2. Armchair Analyst

    This is one of the few times that i am really proud of the politicians and South Australian politicians and also from a governement in office. Very coragous and much needed. It wont be the silver bullet but it will certainly go a long way to help. Credit where credit is due.

  3. ABC24 was running a news bar “TV bans sports betting in SA”. No, ‘SA bans sports betting on TV’ is the correct story. Big difference.
    Good on SA. Has led the way in several areas. Deposits on recycling containers, gay laws, etc., etc.
    Well done, Jay Weatherill. But why do we have to wail ’til “the end of the year”?

  4. Actually, it isn’t just live tv, it is a full ban on gambling promotions at sporting events and tv (no gambling ads will be allowed at the football).

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