The Voice slips due to AFL

2013-05-14_0957After consistent figures of 1.9m for show after show, last night The Voice had to settle for 1.58m due to an AFL match playing in Melbourne.

But the singing show still topped the night and Nine won the evening.

Nine Network share was 33.4% then Seven 29.0%, ABC 18.2%, TEN 14.8% and SBS 4.7%.

Following The Voice Nine’s other numbers were good: Nine News (1.38m), The Block (1.28m), ACA (1.08m) and Hot Seat (807,000). The movie Knight and Day was 526,000.

Due to running AFL (371,000) in Melbourne, Seven didn’t have a network schedule beyond 7:30pm. Seven News (1.26m) was their best performer. Today Tonight won its slot with 1.13m, Home and Away was 889,000 and Deal or No Deal was 554,000. In 4 cities Dynamo: Magician Impossible was 559,000, Revenge was 550,000 and Grey’s Anatomy was 306,000 / 224,000. Private Practice was 148,000 in 5 cities.

ABC News cracked the 1.00m for ABC1 then Australian Story (802,000), 7:30 (705,000), Four Corners (619,000), Media Watch (567,000), Q & A (560,000). Time Team was 326,000.

The Biggest Loser (658,000) was best for TEN followed by TEN News (653,000), The Project (490,000), and David Attenborough: 60 Years (434,000). The Simpsons was 372,000. Probably feeling the bite from AFL too, Can of Worms languished on just 238,000 -beaten by SBS.

On SBS it was The Truth About Fat (320,000), Mythbusters (196,000), World News Australia (179,000) and Mad Men (103,000).

Bananas in Pyjamas (302,000) led multichannels. Survivor was 189,000 / 133,000.

Sunrise: 362,000
Today: 344,000
ABC News Breakfast: 55,000 / 32,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 13 May 2013



  1. I think the shark may have jumped with Revenge. There have certainly been no “watercooler” moments this season, and some of the subplots have been tiring and pointless. Moving it around the schedule hasn’t helped, but even in the US the gloss seems to have worn off this one.

    Monday night AFL was part of the telly rights demanded by 7, so they only have themselves to blame should the numbers not be there.

    Will be interested to see how the numbers unfold this Sunday when Place Called Home goes head to head with House Husbands. What are the predictions, Tonighters?

  2. Nine’s slate is very strong with The Block & The Voice.

    Seven may not consider Celebrity Splash a flop, but there’s a lot of damage done to Revenge’s viewership. I never found it a particularly strong show to begin with, Seven should’ve protected it better.

    They’re in trouble if House Rules turns out to be a turkey.

  3. I am totally bored with the voice this season. The talent is ordinary and the judges just carry on too much.. All,that silly dancing and prancing by the judges singing along . Its all too much .

  4. paddock boy

    Interesting; if you just listen to the voice and not be swayed by the amazing studio visuals, the cutaways of the judges grooving along and hamming it up, most of the the singers are pretty ordinary, some of them not even that! I’ve moved on.

  5. Armchair Analyst

    i watched the AFL on Maaaaaaaaate and didnt mind it then again i like sport. I dont really like Monday Night games though. I think if the ratings are poor on Mate then that will answer those critics who want Seven to put sports such as AFL only on Mate. The ratings are not there yet. Should be interesting as to what happens when the analogue signal gets completely switched off. I am not really surpised at the canibalisation of the viewers.

  6. Revenge lost 200k over a fortnight when Seven started it late at 9:36pm after Celebrity Splash. It lost more last night in a weak lineup with Dynamo. After some weak episodes looks like it was a bad time for Seven to stuff around with the schedule for Revenge.

    It doesn’t look like viewers are going to continue to watch The Voice, just because it is on, when it is on after The Block.

  7. The title is incorrect, The Voice is down because Sydney and Brisbane audiences dropped. Mon vs. Sunday sydney dropped 20.3% of its audience, brisbane dropped over 26%. Melbourne, where it was against the AFL, only dropped 11%. similar case last Mon vs this Mon.

    i think the more likely explaination is that Sundays episode was the worst of the worst so far and that was the straw that broke the camels back for a lot of viewers.

  8. Monday night football was not a good move really, as it halved the ratings for hits like Revenge. Here in Adelaide the game was shown on 7Mate – not that I watched it.

  9. The footy game wasn’t the best last night so I kept flicking over the voice and that was just plain weird last night. I don’t think anyone from last night compares to Rickys team the night before. I wish there was a way to keep Rickys team and lose some of the singers that weren’t as great from the other teams. The rules aren’t great when talent is lost to mediocrity.

    Can of worms is on the wrong night. There is too much competition on Monday. It deserves a better timeslot because when there are good guests on its very entertaining to watch.

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