Vale: Dr. Joyce Brothers

2013-05-15_0108Former US TV talk show host, columnist, author, and media personality Dr. Joyce Brothers has died, aged 85.

She died on Monday of respiratory failure in New York City, according to her longtime Los Angeles-based publicist, Sanford Brokaw.

Joyce Diane Bauer, had a history-making TV debut in 1955 when she became the the first and only woman to ever win the game show The $64,000 Question.

In a book she later explained that she identified quiz show casting revolved around ordinary people having extraordinary, sometimes unexpected, interests. She memorised 20 volumes of a boxing encyclopedia.

She tried her luck again on the superseding $64,000 Challenge, answering each question correctly and earning the dubious distinction as one of the biggest winners in the history of television quiz shows. She later denied any knowledge of cheating, and during a 1959 hearing in the quiz show scandal, a producer exonerated her of involvement.

The exposure led to broadcast guest appearances and then she started hosting The Joyce Brothers Show on NBC in 1958, a pioneering afternoon talk show about relationships, sex, child-rearing and other topics intended to appeal to women.

She visited Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show nearly 100 times.

Brothers also popped up in dozens of TV shows and movies, nearly always as herself. In addition to her silent role in The Naked Gun, she was in comedies such as Troop Beverly Hills, Van Wilder and Analyze That.

There were nearly 100 TV guest roles including Happy Days, Taxi, Frasier, Felicity and The Simpsons, with her most recent TV appearance possibly being a 2005 cameo on Entourage.

Source: E!Online, Chicago Sun-Times

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