Video vault flashes back to Ch 31 show

2013-05-23_1532Famous faces such as Bert Newton, Ian Smith, Kerry Armstrong, Pete Smith and Glenn Robbins have surfaced in “lost” footage of Channel 31 Melbourne’s first ever live daily show, The Darren and Brose Show.

La Trobe Media Group produced 3 shows from 1999 -2005 with Darren Chau and Brose Avard, ending before the rise of YouTube. With a shoestring budget, it’s thought there were no recordings kept until a box of digital tapes was found in the garage of a former crew member.

Now the clips are being uploaded to YouTube, serving as a time-capsule snapshot of the era and the various faces that appeared as guests.

The first 5 videos also include Suzie Wilks, Glenn Ridge, Red Symons, Big Brother’s Vesna Tovenska, Adam Richard, Jo Stanley, Billy Pinnell, Tracy Bartram, Casey, Sarah Kendall, Dave Hughes, Kenny Kramer and Justin Madden.

Darren Chau says there are dozens of funny moments to reveal.

“There’s the time Darren & Brose crashed a 1500-seat event and arrested innocent people for crimes against fashion. There’s the time Red Symons handcuffed Brose and shaved off all of his hair,” he said.

“There’s the time Kerry Armstrong spontaneously stuck her tongue in Darren’s ear. There’s Santo Cilauro revealing a film idea he came up with that nearly got him disowned by his colleagues at Working Dog. There’s Tonia Todman’s anecdote about a dildo. There’s the time Glenn Robbins revealed that he … ‘masturbated a lot’. And there’s Bert Newton’s hilarious tribute on the 100th episode.”

Former crew members from the show have since gone on to work on The Footy Show, Before The Game, Hot Seat, Deal or No Deal, Dancing with the Stars, Neighbours, and Bondi Rescue.

You can see the first clips at

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