What’s happened to Come Date with Me?

Excuses, excuses ....it's the show that even the network is reluctant to back.

2012-10-24_1232Over a year ago TEN announced a new dating show Come Date with Me  “where delicious food and – potentially – love are on the menu.”

The Aussie version of the UK Reality series sees singles cooking for potential partners in their own homes. It was announced with a raft of other shows: I Will Survive, Everybody Dance Now and Don’t Tell the Bride -notably under previous management.

But it still hasn’t surfaced on TEN’s schedule and the network still won’t say when it’s coming.

Produced by ITV Australia (formerly Granada Australia), which also produces Come Dine with Me for Foxtel, the series is understood to have 40 x 30 min episodes.

Asked about a launch last September a TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight “We don’t discuss our programming decisions publicly.”

When it didn’t appear in the October Upfronts, TEN advised, “We haven’t mentioned every returning show for 2013 during the Upfront presentations. We still have many things up our sleeves, including returning and new shows.”

Asked again this week if the show would air on TEN or ELEVEN, a spokesperson said, “We are yet to announce an on air date for CDWM. Also, we haven’t announced which channel it will be broadcast on.”

TEN did not clarify if the show would air in 2013.

When a network is this reluctant to back its own product, you just know it must be a steaming pile…

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  1. Yeah that and Reef Doctors which 10 said they were keeping back to be aired during the warmer months as it would suit the show better..We’ll that has well and truly passed

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