Airdate: Australia’s Remote Islands

ABC will screen a new three part series, presented by 7.30 reporter Tracy Bowden, exploring three unique Australian islands.

image002ABC will screen a new three part series, Australia’s Remote Islands, presented by 7.30 reporter Tracy Bowden exploring three unique Australian islands (nice work if you can get it).

It begins with a look at Lord Howe Island.

We travel from the Sub Antarctic to the South Pacific to meet some spectacular and rare wildlife and also learn of the challenges facing those who choose to live in these isolated spots.

Lord Howe Island off the East Coast of Australia is a speck in the middle of the Tasman Sea. Home to only 350 people, the world’s most southern coral reef and the kentia palm, the locals call it paradise. On Lord Howe Island we meet a rediscovered species, the curious Phasmid or land lobster. Thought to be extinct for almost a century, it was spotted on a remote cliff and is now part of a successful breeding program.

Sunday, 16 June at 6pm on ABC1.

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