Airdate: Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia

shouting_master_006Hamish and Andy’s Asian sojourn will begin in the next 3 weeks on Monday nights on Nine.

After exploring all the bridge jumping, rabbit racing and hitchhiking that Europe had to offer last year, the two intrepid adventurers have decided that it’s Asia’s turn in 2013.

The Nine Network’s new series, Hamish &Andy’s Gap Year Asia, will feature the boys’ travels and escapades throughout the continent, broadcast weekly from their new favourite Bangkok bar, The Raintree.

Whether they’re being served by monkey waiters in Tokyo, running on water with Shaolin monks in China, or clearing live landmines in Cambodia, Hamish and Andy are ready for anything and everything that Asia has to throw at them.

“Asia has so much diversity and so many incredible countries to explore. No wonder they call it the Europe of Asia,” said Hamish, in an attempt to show off the geographical intelligence he hopes to become known for.

Andy revealed that “we’ve always had a deep connection to Asia because the safari outfits we wear on the show are made there. It will be really nice to take them home.”

8pm Monday July 8th on Nine.


  1. I really enjoyed the European Gap Year and looking forward to this series. I enjoy their challenges in particular and of course it’s great to see the many sights.

  2. Hopefully this might make Monday’s better. It has been a bit of a deadzone since they got rid of Person of interest (new episodes).

    Gave up the Closer years ago, so why would the spin off rate? Now Gordon Ramsay, what are Nine thinking?

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