Airdate: Hotel Hell. Gone: Major Crimes.

In: Gordon Ramsay. Out: Major Crimes.

2013-06-17_0044Just four episodes in and Major Crimes has vanished off Nine’s schedule already.

The Closer spin-off isn’t scheduled for tonight with Gordon Ramsay’s new Hotel Hell scheduled tonight at 9:30pm.

This is a 6 part US series made in 2012 for FOX. It begins with episode 3.

Famed chef Gordon Ramsay offers advice and criticism to the proprietors of struggling hostelries around the U.S. His first stop? The Cambridge Hotel famous for creating the world recognized dish ‘Pie a La Mode.

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  1. @pertinax
    I dont usually mind having to look through the guide, thats how you find hidden gems. I get frustrated when the EPG changes constantly. I have Lewis on my guide but will check again to see if its now Endeavour. Its when you go away that you just have no control over whats recorded, will come back and see whats in the PVR after my holiday.

  2. @ph
    Endeavour is still listed for Sunday night (at the moment) in Sydney. Seven have been listing TBA for the slot until the ratings come in, then listing Endeavour.

    Endeavour is ratings as well as S6 of Lewis did, and I doubt they want to show S7 yet. So if Endeavour rates the same on Sunday night they will probably show the last episode of S1 of Endeavour Sunday week.

    I like hunting for TV shows on networks.

  3. Frustratingly predictable. Just put it on Gem – you know you are looking for something to team Rizzoli & Isles with. You took that off after a couple of weeks as well! *sigh*

  4. Agree that Major Crimes should have been on GEM, and also that it is a copy and paste of The Closer with a less interesting lead. Still, it’s better than a lot of the procedurals around, and once you are hooked on The Closer, Major Crimes is all your left with after season 7.
    I gave Endeavour both tries, last week and this, but it took over two hours to tell a very convoluted story both times. The leads were likeable enough, but the stories were plodding and definitely suited to a non commercial network, as in the UK. Add in the commercials, and you had to endure a near midnight finish.

  5. Have enjoyed Major Crimes but was surprised it wasn’t on Gem. Now it seems after only one week that Hotel Hell is gone to be replaced by a movie next week. Why bother when you know that it will end up after midnight on a secondary channel 6 months down the line, thanks Nein. And even Endeavour has gone to be replaced with more Lewis.Its boring having to keep chasing a show.

  6. Major Crimes was not rating well at 9:30pm, once you take the overruns from The Voice out. They seemed to think viewers would watch anything that was on after The Voice.

    At least Nine dumped it early enough to get correct guides out before today. But they still left reviewers reviewing a show that isn’t on. The Guide’s review finished up with “The real major crime here is being committed against good television”.

    And where are the finales of POI and The Mentalist that were dumped for The Voice/Major Crimes lineup? It seems Nine isn’t going to show them while they are filling slots on Gem and late and night with repeats.

  7. I didn’t enjoy Major Crimes, it was just The Closer with Captain Raydor and no Brenda-Leigh. I am not sure why they thought Major Crimes would work on the primary station because they relegated The Closer to GEM.

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