Airdate: Red Widow

Seven premieres new a US drama with Aussie Rhada Mitchell as the wife of a gangster killed by the mob.

2013-06-24_2030Next week Seven premieres new US drama Red Widow which stars Aussie Rhada Mitchell as the wife of a gangster killed by the mob.

Marta Walraven, a stay-at-home mum, has spent most of her life staying out of her father’s world of organised crime. But when her husband, who supports the family through drug exportation, is brutally murdered, everything changes. Marta’s priority is to protect her three children – and yet when an FBI agent promises justice in exchange for her cooperation, she hesitates to go against the ‘Bratva’ (Russian mob) code.

The series has 8 episodes but was then cancelled by ABC.

9pm Monday on Seven following the live House Rules finale.

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  1. This show is actually better than you’d expect and picks up in pace around episode 4…also it has a good ending so you have a good amount of closure. Worth watching if you’re bored. Not the greatest pilot ever but it picks up in the middle of the season

  2. @ TasTVcameraman – I loved Suits and didn’t even realise Ch7 hadn’t shown all the eps – seemed like a complete series to me. Will have to check what I missed.

  3. they should put back royal pains,teen wolf,& suits they haven’t finished the second season there is still 6 episodes to go I really hope when it comes to pick new shows channel 7 pick well

  4. Channel 7 bought it and committed to showing Red Widow before it was axed, on the basis of Radha Mitchell. But she is neither well known in Australia or that good an actress.

    Seven is probably hoping for a week or two of reasonable numbers for Red Widow, to get some return on their investment, before it is bumped to late night or a secondary channel.

    Royal Pains is material Channel 7 shows at midnight in Summer. If they do show S4 which is not guaranteed. It is never going be on at 9:??pm after the House Rules final.

  5. They can play a series that only got 8 episodes before being cancelled but not the long running Royal Pains which they have over a season to screen, and it’s been renewed for 2 seasons so there are no doubts about whether its a good investment. Wait, it’s not an investment it’s included in their output deal so Seven are just idiots.

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