Airdate: The Biggest Loser’s Biggest Ever Makeovers

2013-06-09_2105Capitalising on our love of before / after makeovers, TEN will air a Biggest Loser’s Biggest Ever Makeovers special later this month.

Not sure if it’s really just a  glorified clip show or not, but I bet it pulls the numbers anyway.

The biggest ever makeover is probably the one involving two of the trainers right now.

This will follow after the three weeks of The Truth Is documentaries.

Featuring everyone’s favourite contestants from the past eight series of The Biggest Loser and, of course, the makeovers that transformed their lives, The Biggest Loser’s Biggest Ever Makeovers will be hosted by Hayley Lewis and broadcast over two nights.

On hand to give their expert commentary will be trainers Michelle Bridges, Shannan Ponton and The Commando, who have helped all 124 contestants since season two. The contestants’ collective weight loss is a staggering 5,683.3 kilos.

A host of other household names will join them – including Hayden Quinn, Cameron Daddo, Kyly Clarke, Dr Chris Brown and Bondi lifeguards Deano and Hoppo – to give their thoughts, opinions and reactions to the most dramatic weight loss revelations in the show’s history.

Monday, June 24, at 8.30pm on TEN.


  1. OMG no!! Can’t these people fade into the background. Watching millionaire trainers trying to care about the contestants as well as all the ads throughout the show just make me laugh.

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