Airdate: The Sex Show

2013-06-08_2216No it’s not the return of Sophie Lee but a Norwegian series that is sure to raise an eyebrow and possibly SBS 2 ratings…

In this series two young women and one young man move into an apartment together for eight weeks, to learn, discover and experience what the sexual world has to offer. Each week, this trusty threesome is introduced to a new topic, each with three “individual challenges.”

And yes it’s rated MA for sexual references and sex scenes.

Cue the News Limited follow-up yarns…

“Good in Bed”
The first topic that the three face is ‘Are you good in bed?’. Each youngster than heads off to explore the challenge in a different way, one attending a course in masturbation, one in tantric sex and one goes off to the ‘oral school’.

Animation sequences combine with fun facts and discussions on the topic. After each mission the threesome get together and tell and show each other what they have learned.

Tuesday, 11 June 11.25pm on SBS 2.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Will definelty watch this next week or maybe on demand. Looks good, could learn a thing or two or more. I liked the show which aired on GEM or late on Nine How to Have Sex After Mariage, that was informative.

  2. Checked it out when it debuted on Tuesday.Didn’t know anything about it.I watched it and thought that was something different lol.Will i watch the next episode.Yes

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