Airdate: Wanted

wantedTEN’s new factual crime series Wanted will premiere 8:30pm Monday July 8th.

Wanted will air live from TEN’s Sydney studio, using social media and dramatised reconstructions, from cold-case murders to major assault, missing persons, sex crimes, cybercrime, scams and criminals on the run.

Produced by Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder, it will be hosted by Sandra Sully, and TEN News presenter and former crime reporter Matt Doran, forensic anthropologist Dr Xanthe Mallett and investigative crime reporter Neil Mercer. Former NSW Detective Superintendent Terry Dalton will also report, drawing upon 30 years in the field.


  1. cwaflgiantsfan

    Looking forward to seeing how this works with the social media interaction, will it be through Zeebox or similar?? echo the calls for more Sandra Sully! and hello Dr Xanthe!!!

  2. Having seen the ads for this it seems to lack the atmospheric chill of the original Australia’s Most Wanted. I’m sure we all remember locking our doors at night and being scared s***less while it was on. That was a big part of why it was so successful but then again it was made by Grundy’s and they were renowned for creating a certain atmosphere in all their shows.

    This version will go the same way as ‘The Truth Is’; lame, lacklustre and lacking any sort of feel. It will be entirely forgettable and totally miss the mark in setting the right tone so will therefore not strike a chord with viewers.

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