Australia’s Funniest Home Videos still kicking

It's been rested in recent weeks by Funniest Home Videos will be back with new episodes.

2012-11-22_1250Amid talk of cost-cutting here’s been some speculation about the future of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.

It hasn’t been on in recent weeks, replaced by repeats of The Voice.

Tonight Nine has (yet) another Harry Potter flick.

A Nine spokesperson confirmed to TV Tonight the show will be returning saying, “….we have lots in the can for this year and we will be producing more towards the last quarter and into the beginning of next year.”

Given it used to air every week, it isn’t clear if there are less episodes being produced of the show. Then again, it’s the kind of show that could arguably land the same kind of figures just by playing repeats.

The show has been on air since 1990, first hosted by Graham Kennedy.

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  1. Most of it, recently, seems to be YouTube clips or ancient (circa. 1989 VHS) extracts from “America’s Funniest H. Videos”. This show can be made inexpensively, ‘though do concede nothing’s less costly than a rerun of The Voice. There’s a version called “Fiji’s Funniest Home Videos” on MAI-TV made on $0 budget.
    William – don’t believe News Ltd. “reports”….please.

  2. Well Nicks,a lot of the stuff on youtube are clips of grumpy/cute/smart cats,dancing grandpas and people saying silly stuff after going to the dentist and those clips get lots of views too. I guess it’s just a bit of light entertainment where we can have a chuckle at ourselves and each other. (except when small children hurt themselves).

  3. k..I’m appreciative of the numbers you’re able to give us and ratings wraps are my way of getting Sbs numbers that I’m most interested in.Having said that I’m mindful of the time and effort you put into this,and sometimes just shake my head and wish you would cut back a bit.You’ve never said I don’t think,but it seems to me you put out this site by yourself and judging by the times stories and comments appear ,it’s not unusual for you to put in 16 hours or more a day on here.Like I said..sometimes I just shake my head..that’s just insane..unless you really really really(lol) love what you do.If I were you I’d at least put a shingle out at say 5 or 6 pm..don’t think many of us would mind waiting til next morning for stories and comments to come out…but then again you’ve built the site to what its become,so you would know best how to run it.Sorry for the verbosity but just wanted to get that out.

  4. @J Bar: You’re not kidding. A few weeks ago they showed a video which had a recording date of 1989 in the bottom left corner. They tried to fuzz it out but they didn’t do a very good job because I was able to make it out by freeze framing it.

  5. For 23 years Australia’s watched a show that’s basically about people falling down,bumping their heads,losing their pants or some combination thereof.Then they have the nerve to call tv execs idiots…lol.David,I know it must be a tough column for you to get out(you’ve almost said as much)..but ratings wraps..you’re not doing Friday anymore?

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