Endeavour: June 16

2013-06-10_1955Last Sunday Seven premiered Endeavour the spin-off prequel to Inspector Morse, starring Shaun Evans as the young detective.

There are 5 episodes including the pilot, but ITV has commissioned a second series of four episodes. Episode 2 airs this coming weekend.

When a young Secretarial student, Margaret Bell, dies suddenly at home, Endeavour senses there is more to the case than the preliminary medical verdict of ‘heart attack’.

Now working out of Cowley Police station, Endeavour has unofficially assumed the role of ‘bagman’ to DI Fred Thursday. However, newly arrived Superintendent Bright has other ideas, and when a respectable GP is found shot dead in a public lavatory, Endeavour‟s outlandish theories soon see him relegated to General Duties.

Humiliated and humbled, Endeavour has to investigate from the sidelines. Through a puzzling haze of deceit and misdirection, involving an Oxford physicist who worked on the atomic bomb, and the fate of a vulnerable single mother, Endeavour is forced to question Thursday‟s orders and risk his career to avert a family tragedy.

9:30pm Sunday June 16 on Seven.


  1. Don’t blame me, blame it on D.C.Morse and his powers of observation and attention to detail that maybe infectious.

    Because after trying to keep up and analyze the many clues and diversions etc.on offer during this episode, it was not till after the real murderer had been arrested and in the cell she hung herself in, when I noticed that as they tried to resuscitate her, he used the full “CPR” techniques, and not just “EAR”(expired air resuscitation) that was most likely used during the ‘ era’ this episode depicted.

    But I do enjoy matching wits during this type of realistic and simplistic acting, compared to the unbelievable feats of action, stunts and endurance, so often expected and served up today.

  2. I really enjoyed ‘Endeavour’ as a long long time fan of ‘Morse’ & ‘Lewis’ & was hoping channel 7 would show the 4 episode in the first series but it isn’t in the programme for next week, do you know if they plan on showing it sometime soon

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Just watched this on Seven’s catchup…really liked the show…did not even mind the ads…but I did object to where they put them..right in the middle of a scene…what is that…
    I was going to watched it on YouTube instead..but it has gone!
    Also the Youtube was 1.20.01 …both these episodes did not ad up to that…43.18,,,46.24…total 89.42 ??
    Oh well …guess I will not know ’til I buy the DVD

  4. It was as good as the later Morses or Lewis. The Morses based on Dexter’s books had more interesting characters and plots (even when they changed the stories for TV). And the historical setting means they can drink again.

    There is still the 7th season of Lewis, (3 episodes of shown as two parters earlier in the year in the UK), that Seven hasn’t shown yet.

  5. I enjoyed it, although it felt a bit like Midsomer Murders.
    At two hours, also perhaps a bit long and very predictable that every member of the guest cast was a suspect at some point.
    The conclusion was very convoluted – the criminal went to very long lengths to commit the crime and it felt a bit of a long stretch of believability, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  6. I look forward to it!
    I watched Sunday’s ep last night (taped it)
    and I absolutely loved it!
    The references to the old Morse were brilliant!
    Especially him seeing John Thaw in the rear view mirror!
    I have never seen Shaun Evans before
    but he was perfect (imho) 🙂

  7. Have seen a couple of episodes of this already. It has great actors and a very likeable lead. It has all the shots you expect of Oxford with fairly decent scripts, but why sneak it on at 9.50?. I read that ITV has just started filming more episodes and that Lewis is no more due to the actors calling time.

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