Gone: James May’s Man Lab

2013-06-05_1311After this Saturday James May’s Man Lab will be off the SBS ONE schedule, replaced by repeats of Empire: A Taste for Power.

7:30 pm Saturday June 15
Presented by Jeremy Paxman, this five-part series tells the story of the British Empire in a new way, tracing not only the rise and fall of the empire but also the complex effects of the empire on the modern world. The first episode looks at the many different ways in which Britain took and held power in the empire – from naval might to the use of local troops, to a calculated display of imperial pageantry and the cult of monarchy. (From the UK) (Documentary Series) (Part 1 of 5) (Rpt) PG CC


  1. what was the point of that?? you cant show the next 3 episodes because ” repeats” of Empire: A Taste of Power is more superior. This was James May’s new series! Series 3.

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