Hit show House Rules tops Monday

Ratings: Seven's renovation show continues its rise to glory, beating The Block for the third time.

2013-06-25_1007Let there now be no doubt, House Rules is a hit show.

The show has been creeping higher and higher with each passing week, last week topping The Block on two occasions. Last night without any competition from The Voice, it was Monday’s top show on 1.54m viewers -easily its best numbers so far.

Nine’s renovation show remained bigger in Sydney and Melbourne but even in those cities its lead has diminished. It’s quite the comeback for the show that many had written off in its first week -although many forget that MasterChef started sluggish in its first year before a complete U-turn.

Seven network won the night with a share of 34.1% then Nine 28.7%, ABC 18.8%, TEN 14.9% and SBS 3.5%.

Following House Rules for Seven were Seven News (1.4m), Today Tonight (1.2m), Revenge (1.13m), Home and Away (1.01m), Deal or No Deal (583,000) and 50 Greatest Plastic Surgery Shockers (417,000).

Nine News (1.42m) was buoyed by a huge Melbourne lead over Seven. Next for the network were The Block (1.37m), A Current Affair (1.13m), Big Bang (885,000), Hot Seat (844,000) and a Harry Potter movie (560,000).

ABC News (929,000) led ABC1 then Australian Story (844,000), Four Corners (843,000), Media Watch (796,000), 7:30 (776,000),  Q & A (639,000) and Time Team (337,000).

TEN News (812,000) had its best numbers all year. MasterChef was 663,000, The Project was 531,000, The Biggest Loser’s Biggest Ever Makeovers was 451,000, The Simpsons was 430,000 and The Americans was 218,000.

On SBS ONE it was Mythbusters (239,000), World News Australia (158,000), The Truth About Looking Younger (149,000) and Mad Men (65,000).

Ever-popular Shaun the Sheep was best on multichannels with 344,000.

Sunrise: 361,000
Today: 327,000
ABC News Breakfast: 53,000 / 30,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 24 June 2013

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  1. Hopefully this is a lesson well learned for the networks – give shows a chance and chances are you’ll be rewarded.

    I do fear though the last week of the show compromises the whole series – it’s now essentially morphed into a fairly regular renovation series and don’t like how the homeowners seem to be putting more emphasis now on what the judges want rather than what they think would work best in their own home.

  2. @ savebueller

    I should have said ‘nowhere near as good as Homeland.’ Fair to say the TV critics were positive but not enough happens each week to keep me hooked. And I am not a big fan of reality TV either – more top US dramas like Breaking Bad, Shameless and Dexter.

    I must not be alone with TA – 201K last week and 218K this week is a failure in anyone’s language.

  3. I am a massive fan of The Block, but last night really made me not want to watch.

    Scotty said: “Isn’t it amazing, that you all voted the same as the judges?” Well no, because they saw how the judges voted and were influenced by that. I didn’t bother watching the last 15 minutes.

    Masterchef on the other hand, was as good as its ever been!

  4. @ Pete. Nowhere near as good as suggested? I guess it all comes down to taste, but The Americans is easily one of the best shows on TV. Better than any of the reality crap the channels insist on spewing out.

    Also great is Hannibal. But 7 decided to treat that show well didn’t they.

  5. When one of the main story arcs of The Block is about one of the couple’s doing their laundry, as it was last night, you know there is something going terribly wrong with the direction of this once-great series.

    It was the same weeks ago when the issue of the couple’s running the stalls, and one of the them had their family drop in to buy candles. And then a problem about fairness ran on and on and on, laboured to the point of being ridiculous.

    Nine, don’t let the padding out of this series begin to destroy it. That is sadly what is happening now and it shouldn’t be. Whoever is directing this needs to be cutting it tighter in the editing instead of ruining it.

  6. I predict that 2014 will be to The Block what 2013 has been to MC. all the negativity surrounding the show usually has about a years lag to be reflected in the ratings. I think HR will be massive next year and have a MKR style increase. perhaps The block should be rested for a few years despite its current good ratings, like what happened in 2004. The momentum is shifting into 7’s sails atm.

  7. I’m really enjoying HR and Masterchef when I catch it, although not nearly good as I remember it from previous years.

    Others in my house watch The Block but the bitching and cheating turns me off completely. It reminds of MKR.

    What was 10 doing with TBL show last night. I saw bits in the commercial break and they should be happy with that figure. That was atrocious TV. They have written the book on how to kill a brand.

  8. House Rules is a great show so congratulations to Seven. It’s probably just as well the contestants score the others work because I don’t like what the judges like ( Michelle’s bathroom for example-yuk!). It’s good to have other input. Also if it was my house I’d want them to know what I thought of it (also again Michelle’s bathroom).

  9. Fantastic numbers for House Rules. The show was great last night and tonight looks just as good with the 24 hour challenge. This is different to The Block challenges because they are re-renovating the zone they don’t like the most and well there is renovation involved.

    Revenge did well last night too for its finale. It was a cracking episode. Masterchef is gone. The show is getting lower and lower and well to be honest i don’t really like it anymore. I used to love it but its not the same show to me.

  10. Hot Seat continues to pummel Deal or No Deal(by 260,000 yesterday),and if I were Nine I’d be worried.What?..does that even make sense you might ask.Why should Nine worry when they’re clobbering Dond every night and most often winning 6 news because of it?The answer…cause Seven will deal with it.Just like Seven dealt with a once rampant Masterchef with My Kitchen Rules,and wrestled for dominance in reality restoration with The Block,you can rest assured they won’t stand by idly while Hot Seat holds sway for another year.I have no idea what they’ll come up with, but I bet it’ll be a doozy.

  11. @Ryan, I’m not rapt in the male judge, Joe Snell, either. find his ideas and perceptions regarding the renovations to be very offbeat most of the time. I also agree about contestants scoring each other, I never like that but I don’t think this format would work without it, unfortunately.

  12. Glad that Harry Potter bombed. This movie might have been a premiere, but with all the ads it went to 11.30pm – far too late for a school night and in any case would have been seen by anyone that wanted to watch it at the movies, on DVD or on Foxtel without ads. Lazy programming decision.

    I have bailed from The Americans – nowhere near as good as was suggested – and if it cannot rise above 218K when it only had Harry Potter and some plastic surgery repeat to compete with, then it is offically a flop.

  13. I don’t mind some of the aspects of Hr but the format is flawed. Contestants should not be scoring other contestants work! And I cant stand that male judge! What a totally weird guy! And I mean weird.

  14. Wow. HR is actually a hit! Good on Seven for actually sticking with it (I wrote it off in its first week). I have been watching the Block all this time but must say, all the crap and ‘drama’ is really starting to be a major turnoff.

    Monday night though has always been the highest nights for HR and it was advertised as the ‘final house reveal’, so that may have contributed to the massive numbers. I suspect we may be seeing more wins this being finals week.

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