Hot in Cleveland stages Live episode

US sitcom Hot in Cleveland has just staged a Live episode to kick off their 5th season.

2013-06-20_1626US sitcom Hot in Cleveland has just staged a Live episode on the East Coast of America, to kick off their 5th season.

“Live. No cuts. No second takes. Why live? Because we’re bad-asses, that’s why. DON’T MISS Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and guest stars William Shatner, ‘The Office’s Brian Baumgartner, ‘Community’s Danny Pudi and other surprise guests!” they announced.

Betty White even penned a hand-written note for Facebook fans that began with “Dear Internet.”

“Who knew at 91 that I would be blessed to work on yet another wonderful and fun sitcom!” she wrote.

“And boy, do I have a blast. Where else could I get to be a bride, a jailbird, a college freshman, and a fugitive in Amish Country?”

The cast get to do it all over again for the West Coast, as per the US time zone differences.


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  1. What does a person have to do in Australia (besides buy the dvd) to see this show on television. Can’t understand why there is 90% reality tv and 10% sitcoms.
    I would prefer the sitcoms over the brain numbing Big Brother!!!!

  2. The women are great, but the whole is never as good as the sum of its parts. It never really took off for me, perhaps as The Golden Girls on which it feels like a latter day version, is just so much better. Brave actresses doing it live. Will & Grace and 30Rock did it to great effect.

  3. Sitcoms are just mini-plays anyway. I’ve never understood what’s so challenging, unless they deliberately write it to have additional degrees of complication, like they did with The Drew Carey Show sometimes.

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