House Rules beats The Block

Ratings: For the second time this week Seven's reno show beat Nine's -but Nine took out the night.

2013-06-21_1058For the second time this week Seven’s House Rules (1.22m) has beaten Nine’s The Block (1.17m).

Seven’s renovation show has been quietly creeping up on Nine although there are still clear divisions in some cities, with Brissy the most divided of all.

But Nine network still won the night with a share of 31.4% to Seven 27.0%, TEN 18.6%, ABC 16.5% and SBS 6.6%.

Nine News topped the night for Nine with 1.33m then The Block (1.17m / 827,000), A Current Affair (1.09m), The Footy Show (923,000) and Hot Seat (760,000).

Seven News (1.26m) was best for Seven then House Rules (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Home and Away (958,000), Dynamo: Magician (674,000), Deal or No Deal (589,000), and Once Upon a Time (218,000 / 132,000).

TEN News led for TEN on 687,000. Law and Order SVU was 649,000 / 621,000, The Project was 546,000, MasterChef Australia struggled on 485,000 and The Simpsons was 370,000.

ABC News (979,000) topped ABC1 on a low night overall, then 7:30 (751,000), Catalyst (647,000), Kirstie’s Vintage Home stalled on 363,000 and Time Team was 313,000.

The Little Paris Kitchen (364,000) was best for SBS ONE then The Spice Trip (363,000), Shane Delia’s Spice Journey (299,000) and World News Australia (174,000).

Shaun The Sheep was strong on multichannels at 411,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 20 June 2013.

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  1. DK – to get out of bed, don’t you first have to get into it? I think most of us are convinced that you don’t actually sleep, apart from an occasional power nap on your ever-changing lounge!

  2. Is it a coincidence that HR wins in the week they have a $250,000 viewers competition? They still are only winning because of Adelaide & Perth although it was close in Brissy last night.
    The Block is killing HR in Sydney & Melb so I think seven are getting ahead of themselves.
    HR is after all a cross between The Block & Changing Rooms both Nine shows…

  3. lol..I was wondering why we got a ratings wrap today.Was hoping it was a hiatus reinvigorated DK,determined to reinstate Fridays…and weekends too:)Pretty significant 4% win by 9 over 7 also..doesn’t happen often without The Voice or special events like Origin.

  4. Dont Kid yourself that 9 is worried about the Block v House Rules. Given current ownership, 9 only really cares about Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. In those 3 markets The Block wins by 192k or 23%

    1. Thursdays are so dull I can barely bring myself to write a ratings report on Friday. Some weeks I don’t even bother unless something grabs my interest. House Rules beating The Block was reason enough to go there. It was the second time this week but the first was overshadowed by Socceroos win. Otherwise I wouldn’t have even got out of bed to file this one.

  5. @tomothyd: Queensland also gets 1 hour of Home and Away on Thursdays with everything else delayed 30 minutes. This is because there is now no H & A on Fridays because Better Homes & Gardens is shown from 7.00 to 8.30pm on seven, the AFL being on 7mate.

  6. They were talking..no power tools..public holiday,long weekend on yesterday’s The Block.Checking the calendar I put the date to be April 1 Easter Monday,coinciding with Caulfield racing.So episodes are about 12 weeks behind the actual work by my figuring.Wonder if that’s standard for these kind of shows,and same kind of timeline for Masterchef et al?

  7. The focus has shifted on The Block this season to drama as opposed to the building.

    But this weeks episodes were particularly poor because the teams had fewer working days, due to the public holiday long weekend.

    The challenges have been quite poor this season too.

  8. @Frankly,I will never be sick of HR especially if the gardens get a makeover. This show has everything,decrepit homes made liveable and someone’s mortgage paid off. I love it!

  9. Is Adelaide the only state who get a one hour edition of Home and Away on a Thursday night, and everything else pushed out by 30 mins? I wonder how that effects the overall ratings?

  10. Once Upon A Time numbers are woeful. Seven may as well play out the remainder of the series in a late night double episode slot.

    I note it is not on next week but possibly because there is an AFL game on.

  11. I’d love to know the half hourly break downs for The Block and House Rules – I’d suggest that The Block wins 7.30-8 then House Rules builds when the Block finishes.

    Mind you though – I find myself watching less and less of the challenges and events not directly related to the renos – like going to the zoo etc – looks like that is happening overall with the figures.

  12. I haven’t seen House Rules but as far as The Block is concerned, there’s been an awful lot of fill in the last week and a half with walls being knocked out and the couples less able to contribute to the construction of the kitchen. They seem to have been out of the apartments more than in them, with various challenges and day-trips. Personally I couldn’t give a stuff about them going to the races.

  13. It is crucial to alter and enhance shows a lot every season. Otherwise, the show gets killed like Masterchef and The Voice (soon The Block too). To keep a format alive is the hardest part!

    For that reason, never forget to constantly develop new formats

  14. As I have posted previously, The Block will continue to lose viewers if doesn’t stop faffing around and get back the actual renovating. I have to wonder why they would expect to satisfy potential viewers of a renovation show when a large portion of the show was “a day at the races”. If you tuned in half way through you would have wondered what the hell you were watching!

  15. Those numbers are for the Masterclass aren’t they? I haven’t keep watching this season at all.
    I don’t think it rates all that well anyway. Relegate it to a 6:30 Saturday spot if Friday has The Living Room.

  16. The numbers for the Masterclass episode of Masterchef have always been lower than the other episodes each week, but this year it really seems to be struggling. I don’t recall its ratings ever being that poor in the past. Masterchef, to use a kitchen cliche, has gone off the boil and I’m not really sure what can be done to get people enthused about it again.

  17. I agree, they should also rest Biggest Loser, they’re two very tired old shows. And frankly I’m shocked that so many Australians watch renovation shows, how many times can you watch wacky couples hammering nails and arguing over paint colours….please….I accept I’m in the minority here.

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