Hunted moves into spin-off for Melissa George

hunted_1Melissa George’s spy series Hunted will now have a new life in the form of a spin-off miniseries, Sam Hunter.

Hunted was a BBC-Cinemax co-production but after the BBC opted not to proceed with a second season, Cinemax indicated it would stick with the series regardless.

Deadline reports writer Frank Spotnitz (The X Files) will now stick with the character in a four-hour miniseries, Sam Hunter. Without the BBC, HBO-owned Cinemax will have greater creative control to push the boundaries on storytelling, tailoring the show to a pay cable network vs. a public broadcaster.

George will reprise her role as Sam, a gutsy agent in the murky world of private espionage. Now on the run from her former employer, Sam has a price on her head and a young daughter to protect. She must work as a freelance spy to find out who wants her dead — and how it connects to the murder of her own mother.

Shine-owned British production company Kudos Film and Television Kudos will remain as producers in association with Spotnitz’s Big Light Prods.

Last November TV Tonight spoke to Kudos’ Stephen Garrett just a day before the BBC wielded the axe, and asked about a second season.

“Conversations are afoot. There’s a genuine desire to do it. We’re in more detailed conversations with HBO than the BBC,” he said.


  1. Fantastic news, I am a major fan of the series, I found it fast-paced, intriguing and also very character driven. I look forward to hopefully seeing it on SBS.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Meh. I tried to suspend disbelief but it was just too silly. The trouble with being a freelance spy in hiding is that it’s very difficult for people to find you to give you work and pay your fee.

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