Kevin Rudd to feature in Shitsville Express on ABC2

2013-06-11_2343Kevin Rudd will appear in Joe Hildebrand’s new factual series on ABC2 next month, Shitsville Express.

The 6 part series, following on from Hildebrand’s Dumb, Drunk & Racist will see budding young politicians trying to solve the problems of Australia on a double-decker bus ride to “Shitsville.”

At the end of the series the 4 representatives from Liberal, Labor, Greens and the Sex Party will put their solutions to former PM Kevin Rudd who, according to the publicity blurb, “has been to Shitsville and back many a time.

What are Australia’s festering sores? What are the big problems, and who has the bright ideas to fix them?

Joe Hildebrand has a plan. He’s taking four leaders of tomorrow – with fire in their belly and stars in their eyes – on a red double-decker bus ride to ‘Shitsville’ in order to tackle some of Australia’s most fraught issues. Shitsville isn’t a particular destination – it’s that part of Australia which sums up the mediocre side of our national life.

Each week, Joe rubs the noses of our four bright young budding pollies in Shitsville’s darkest and grubbiest corners, examining issues including the explosion of alcohol fuelled violence, the gambling epidemic, Australia’s substandard transport system, the current housing crisis, and the pros and cons of coal seam gas mining.

The 4 leaders of tomorrow are:
· 26 year old member of the Liberal party and staunch monarchist

· 22 year old member of the Labour party who has been volunteering for them since he was 9

· 24 year old member of the Greens and law student

· 21 year old libertarian and campaigner for the Sex Party

And at the end of it, all four will put their ideas to a former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who’s been to Shitsville and back many a time, and who knows the difficulty of making ideas happen.

This is a confronting, funny and intelligent journey into some of our thorniest issues.

Tuesday, July 2 at 9.30pm on ABC2.


  1. Bobster, I agree with their policies. But you just listed their entire policy platform, & that’s the problem. They only care about their little pet issues (which are legitimate issues, I agree), but in the meantime they do nothing but split the Greens vote. If you want change on those issues, plus more, vote Greens!

  2. Well as far as i can see from their website, the Sex Party stands for less censorship, regulated recreational drugs, voluntary euthanasia, no blame legal abortions and no data retention. What’s so overrated about that? You might say its a silly name but hey,,,,the Labor Party? The LIberal Party? C’mon…Jo Hildebrand was obviously pretty taken by the Sex Party girl on his show…he wore their T shirt on Sky News a few days ago..

  3. @J Bar

    Maybe a charming name? but definitely wrongly named, where the “Ville” portion should definitely changed to “Tirring”.

    @Bazza…[email protected]

    Sadly I must disagree, where I think “Labour” is correct, because going on the previous and continual anti-labor bias of Joe Hilderbrand, the use of “Labour” may have simply pre-empted the agenda and exposed the outcome of this series, and it may indeed be “Hard Labour” for “Labor” and may end up being the only “Factual” experience Joe has planned for us, especially after him joining the “Cue” of those exploiting the Rudd verses Gillard media encouraged hysteria for dubious reasons, after all how do most of the average voters form their opinions, or even worse have their opinions formed for them,could it be the media perhaps?

  4. The Sex Party… One of the most overrated parties in a long time. Sick of hipsters banging on about this one trick pony. Looking forward to their representative answering basic questions on a range of topics. I’m sure their answers will be rooted in realism.

  5. carolemorrissey

    What, no boat people. Thought that would have been first on the list. Sounds like an interesting show, will probably give it a go if I remember it’s on.

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