Labor Leadership ballot: TV coverage

Updated: ABC, Seven, Nine, TEN and SKY amendments that have just come in for tonight's Labor Leadership coverage.

2013-06-26_1746Here are the programming amendments that have just come in for tonight’s Labor Leadership coverage.


Leigh Sales will host a one hour news special from 7pm EST to cover the latest on the Labor leadership spill and the results from the election ballot.

ABC News 24 can be streamed online at: www.abc.net.au/news24.

From 6.50pm tonight, Seven News will bring viewers live rolling coverage of the Leadership Ballot hosted by Chris Bath.

Political editor Mark Riley and political reporters Alex Hart and Mia Greves will have the latest from Parliament House in Canberra.

Regular programing will recommence from 7.30pm AEST.

Nine News will broadcast special extended coverage nationally of this evening’s Labor Leadership Ballot. Presented by Peter Overton from the Sydney Newsroom with crosses to Nine’s Political Editor Laurie Oakes and the Nine News team in Canberra as the ballot unfolds.

The special edition will air on Channel Nine and be simulcast on GEM. This evening’s edition of A Current Affair and episode of The Block Sky High will both be pre-empted.

6.00pm Nine News on Channel Nine
6.30pm Nine News Special: The Labor Leadership Ballot, hosted by Peter Overton on Channel Nine and GEM
7.30pm Holden State of Origin Game 2 on Channel Nine
7.30pm Nine News Special: The Labor Leadership Ballot continues on GEM

The Project will be covering LIVE the leadership spill in a 90-minute special!
Tune in from 6:30pm AEST, 6:00pm ACST and 4:30pm AWST.

Syd / Mel / Bris
6:00 pm TEN News 30m
6:30 pm The Project – Leadership Spill Live 1h30m
8:00 pm MasterChef Australia 1h
9:00 pm Offspring 1h
10:00 pm TEN Late News 45m
10:45 pm The Project Encore 1h30m
12:15 am The Late Show With David Letterman

6:00 pm The Project – Leadership Spill Live 1h30m
7:30 pm MasterChef Australia 1h
8:30 pm Offspring 1h
9:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles 1h
10:30 pm TEN Late News 45m
11:15 pm The Project Encore 1h30m
12:45 am The Late Show With David Letterman 45m

4:30 pm The Project – Leadership Spill Live 1h30m
6:00 pm TEN News 1h
7:00 pm Modern Family 30m
7:30 pm MasterChef Australia 1h
8:30 pm Offspring 1h
9:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles 1h
10:30 pm TEN Late News 45m
11:15 pm The Project Encore 1h30m
12:45 am The Late Show With David Letterman 45m

With the Labor leadership in the spotlight SKY News has confirmed its status as the network to turn to for unrivalled Live coverage of Breaking News.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard chose SKY News Political Editor David Speers to confirm exclusively that she would call for a spill of the Labor leadership.

SKY News was also the first on television to announce that Kevin Rudd’s supporters were circulating a ballot to oust the Prime Minister.

As soon as the news broke, SKY News immediately began non-stop coverage led by the award winning SKY News Political team in Canberra and joined by Graham Richardson, Peter Van Onselen and Chris Kenny.

The coverage will continue tonight with the most comprehensive and dynamic coverage of the ballot and its result.

At 9pm Paul Murray Live will extend into two hours as Paul and his panel look at every moment of today’s political upheaval within the Labor party.

Following at 11pm; a special edition of NewsNight with SKY NEWS International Editor Stan Grant.

SKY News continues to lead the way with unrivalled coverage of politics with its dedicated Election 2013 programming line-up:

· AM Agenda: Monday to Friday at 8.30am
· Lunchtime Agenda: Monday to Friday at 1.30pm
· PM Agenda (2 hour edition) Monday to Thursday at 4pm
· Saturday Agenda: Saturday 8.30am and 1.30pm
· Contrarians (2 hour edition) Fridays at 4pm
· Australian Agenda: Sundays 8.30am and 1.30pm
· Election 2013 with Helen Dalley: Mondays at 8pm
· Showdown with Peter Van Onselen: Tuesdays at 8pm
· Richo with Graham Richardson: Wednesdays 8pm
· The Nation with David Speers: Thursdays at 8pm
· Friday Night Live with Chris Kenny: Fridays at 9pm
· Viewpoint with Chris Kenny: Sundays at 8pm
· Paul Murray Live: Sunday to Thursday at 9pm
· NewsNight with Stan Grant: Monday to Thursday at 11pm

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  1. @daredevil – “… i know channel seven have good coverage …”

    I think your experience belies that statement. I recommend that you make a note to switch to ABC News 24 next time something important occurs.

  2. I was disappointed with sevens coverage of Kevin Rudd’s speech. I recorded it last night because i know channel seven have good coverage and i was watching it back this morning, and noticed that they did not cover all of Kevin Rudd’s speech it was cut off, i expected to watch the full speech, and now i do not know where to go to watch the full speech. Very disappointed.

  3. I just want to send my appreciation to all those that had to bring us the news tonight. I’ll just admit I was watching ABC News 24 and occasionally flicked over to the main ABC channel. Although I had to go out. But what I saw is the type of thing I love. People bringing us the news as accurately as they could manage it and soon as they possibly could. This is the type of thing I want to see on the news. I don’t mean the political drama but actual news. Nothing but the news. Loved it. Thank you very much.

  4. When the milky bar Kidd started his speach I flicked between channels this was the result

    Abc speach
    Seven speach
    Ten speach
    Sky news speach
    Nine a repeat of the Big Bang theory so much for first on nine more like pathetic coverage on nine

  5. as always, abc had the best coverage. I don’t think any other FTA network showed Julia’s concession speech live. Of course the number one show tonight will be Origin. Hope ABC News 24 reap tje rewards for theor coverage.

  6. I just discovered the end of Adam Hills on ABC 2 when I went to check that “I’m having their baby” was coming up next. Not much good to me as I have been taping it on ABC 1 since 8.30, even extending the taping time in case it started late. Even now the on screen guide is showing the normal schedule. Surely someone should be keeping it updated. How on earth are we supposed to guess that a program has not just changed timeslot but also changed channel!

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