Renewed: House Husbands

Nine's success with its melodrama continues with a third season set for 2014.

2013-06-09_2033House Husbands has been renewed for a third season.

Nine and Playmaker Media have confirmed the return of all cast members of its Logie Award winning drama series, including Gary Sweet, Rhys Muldoon, Firass Dirani and Gyton Grantley.

The renewal for the melodrama continues to end a run of short-lived procedural dramas on Nine including Tricky Business and Cops LAC.

Nine’s Heads of Drama, Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan, said: “We are delighted with how Australian audiences have fallen in love with House Husbands.

“Having been voted Australia’s most popular drama after less than 12 months on air, we are excited to announce a third series and look forward to continuing to add to Nine’s incredible slate of drama.”

Directors of Playmaker Media, David Taylor and David Maher, said: “We are thrilled that House Husbands will be back on the Nine Network in 2014 for a third series.

“It is an enormous credit to our dedicated team of writers, cast and crew. It’s been a terrific year, winning the Logie for Most Popular Drama Series. We have a fantastic loyal audience and look forward to delivering them even more in season three.”

A third season will air in 2014 while Season Two currently screens on Sunday nights.

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  1. House Husbands has to be the most embarissingly cringeworthy show to be renewed on Australian television. When I saw an ad with the four dads pushing prams down the street together, I thought do these people really exist. Banal crap, and if 9 thinks this show appeals to men, they’re dreaming.

  2. Its a bit like Neighbours that way. I watch it while on facebook or while cooking. It’s light entertainment. Not exactly smart, thought provoking melodrama (a la A Place to Call Home).

  3. Well done to the entire team for House Husbands!
    It is good for the Aussie industry! Whether you like the show or not, it is scripted entertainment that emits caters, writers and crew!
    It might not be the most deep and dramatic, but I like it for the light hearted entertainment!

  4. Let’s hope they have the intelligence to call the Emergency Dept at the hospital just that. Not “Accident & Emergency” It’s not called that in Australia. That is a British term. Unless, of course, it’s deliberate to try to help sell the series into the UK.

  5. How is this possible? The writers have used up every cliche in the Big Book Of Screenwriting Cliches. Oh, hang on, they still haven’t done the episode where a character gets hit by lightning and loses his memory, thereby leading to all sorts of high-jinks and misunderstandings.

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