Report: Nine poised to retain cricket rights

-cricket-ball-Nine is poised to retain international cricket broadcasting rights after eleventh hour talks with Cricket Australia yesterday.

US hedge fund representatives flew to Australia this week for talks with Nine management, ahead of the network’s plans to float on the ASX within the next 18 months. Both cricket and NRL are integral to plans for a successful float.

But Nine will need to match TEN’s audacious bid of $500m, if it is to secure the five-year deal. The deadline for its offer is 5pm Monday.

The Daily Telegraph reports none of the parties was prepared to comment.

TEN is still expected to secure the Big Bash League at a price of $100 million, but it will be comforted in the knowledge it has pushed Nine’s price to the brink.

Both networks are expected to see the events run at a loss, but provide valuable platforms to drive their other content.


  1. If cricket is loss-leading, then it would surely be an arrogant stance from Nine to take a ‘Cricket or bust’ approach because the latter could well occur. Would it not be a frosty relationship between CA and Nine who five mins ago were going to take Nine to the cleaners.

    Here’s hoping for a fresh start. Cricket needs it. A bit like was described about the Aus team itself, Nine has been lazy with coverage and have seen their role as self-proclaimed quasi-Selectors in recent times.

  2. Hey it wouldn’t be all bad if Nine won the rights. Hopefully that way they go bankrupt and then their contract with the NRL would be null in void and then FOX Sports can buy all games allowing all to be live in HD across the country (like what AFL fans have had for 2 seasons).

  3. For me I hope Ten wins it besides the BBL which they already have or going to. Nine’s owners are terrible they will allow the network to go in the 3.3 billion debt again.

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