Returning: Kill Arman

SBS 2 will begin a second season of Kill Arman next Monday night.

2013-06-25_2204Some time ago when SBS pulled Kill Arman from their schedule a number of readers expressed ongoing disappointment.

But now SBS 2 will begin a second season filmed in 2010 next Monday night, starting out in Ethiopia.

The first season of Kill Arman told the fish-out-of-water story of Arman Alizad. He was an average man in his late thirties, lazy and out of shape. But Arman took on an ultimate challenge and travelled to ten countries around the world, trained in ten different martial arts and eventually fought ten different warriors – and lost every time.

Now Arman has trained for one more year. He is stronger, faster and a much better fighter. Again he travels to ten exotic locations, trains in ten deadly martial arts, and fights ten of world’s best fighters. But this time, the challenges are even tougher, the destinations even more extreme, and the fights even more brutal. Arman has to give it all he’s got, just to stay alive.

Episode One: Ethiopia: Suri Stick Fighting
Arman travels to the savannahs of Ethiopia where he stays with a local Suri tribe for one week. There, master Tabani teaches him the ancient, deadly art of Suri stick fighting. In this martial art, warriors can even die in the fights. Arman also explores the culture of the Suri people, and tries to stay alive when the village breaks into chaos and Suri tribesmen start shooting at each other.
Finally, Arman has to compete in a potentially lethal fight against his master’s greatest warrior.

Monday, 1 July 8.40pm on SBS 2.

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