Returning: Major Crimes

The Closer spin-off Major Crimes returns to GEM after being taken off Nine.

2013-06-23_2131The Closer spin-off Major Crimes returns to television this evening.

The show airs at 8:30pm tonight on GEM after being taken off Nine.

“Citizens Arrest”
In a case involving a kidnapping turned homicide, the squad is pressured to work quickly before anyone else is hurt.

Meanwhile Hotel Hell, the Gordon Ramsay show which replaced the show, is currently out of schedule after just one episode. I just don’t understand this kind of reactionary programming…

Tonight Nine has a Harry Potter premiere movie and next week screens Red Dog.

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  1. Tried to series link this show and it did not work. Reason is that next week my guide has Supernanny at 8.30. Go figure on that one. Should I persist? Is it really worth all this attention or should I crack the spine on another book?

  2. Should have been on GEM from the start, likewise Ramsay. A double bill will Ramsay at 9.30 could have worked, at least GEM can give both shows an unaltered run.
    David, can you explain how the multichannel advertising packages work? Does a company buy into a package across all of a networks channel? Would be interesting to know how it works.

  3. What the hell is 9 up to? They replace it with a stupid Harry Potter movie. Why can’t they just put a show in a timeslot and leave it there for more than 1 week!!!!!!!!

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